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Relationships: To Work or Not to Work

I am frequently asked “How do I know if I should work on this (relationship)?” I wish I could say always but I cannot. The difference lies in if the relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Let’s look at that. Take a minute and ask yourself what you wish to experience in an ideal relationship. Now, […]

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Know Your SELF – Courage and Bravery

To discover your Self, bravery and courage are present. Much like the courage and bravery it to to discover and create America. Self-discovery is a part of self-mastery and asks that you go toward the unknown aspects of you and life. Often, discovering your self feels like the adventure of discovering new territory.  Yet, you […]

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Independence or not?

Each of our days are fraught with multiple tasks and events and each and every one of them takes a herd of people to make it happen.

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