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How To Keep Love Alive

How do we keep love alive?  For love to continue it cannot be stopped or limited.  Love is about opening.  Opening your Self, each other, and doors in life.  Limitations are about fear.  Limitations stop love from opening and growing.  In a relationship each person is responsible for keeping love alive.  Each person will have […]

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The Warning Signs of Manipulation

People often use manipulation to get what they want out of the other person.  This becomes much more prevalent in your closest relationships.  People manipulate in good ways and not-so-good ways.  Let’s look at why people manipulate (even when it is without malintent), the ways in which people manipulate, and what that means about the […]

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How to Know When It’s Gaslighting

The term “gaslighting” has become very popular today. It is used to describe a manipulative situation where the antagonist comfortably denies the experience of the protagonist.  Today it is commonly used with a negative connotation.  In its negative usage it is a type of abuse that leaves the protagonist in a state of doubt, confusion […]

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