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We Are Not Born Judging Each Other

Hate is fear; fear is the absence of love! Within your Self, when you judge and hate you are not able to feel love. You may think that your hate and judgment are about the other person or group of people but it is only happening inside you. You are the one living with the hate, rage, anger, and heavy density. It clutters your mind and shadows your heart. Consequently, you are the only one who ends up suffering until, of course, your anger causes harm to others.


We are given this life and we were given free will. Free will says you have the right to live with your hate, anger, rage, and judgment. Free will also allows people to live in harmony, love, unity and peace. Free will gives each of us the opportunity to live this life as we choose. What it does not do is support the destruction of the free will and the rights of another human being.


You are not born with fear and anger or any of the fear-based emotions. You are not born with judgment since judgment comes from fear. You learned all of that, and the beliefs associated with them, in this lifetime. You thought you had to believe as you were taught to believe. But now you have a choice. Do you want to live with love for you, from you, and for others? Or do you want to live in absence of love? Do you want a life filled with pain, suffering, anger, and heat or a life filled with love and happiness?


Can you be grateful for who you are at the same time you’re hating another? The answer is no. So, yes, it is your right to hate, judge, and be angry. It is your choice to live at that level of suffering. Just remember suffering begets suffering and fear begets fear. It is love that begets gratitude, joy, and love. So, I ask you which do you prefer? And be clear, because even if you were feeling anger and hate at those who are angry and hateful you are feeding the darkness not light.


May each and every one of you be graced with gratitude, forgiveness, and love.


Resist Homeless Hate Laws

We have lost our hearts and our minds!


A 90-Year old man and 2 Reverends were arrested for feeding the homeless in public!


What are Fort Lauderdale and many other cities in the country thinking when they post laws that prohibit feeding or gifting the homeless! Now we are cluttering our courts and jails with homeless and citizens of service!!! I am truly speechless. I feel a deep anger and pain inside me for the hideousness of this thought process!


My anger asks: What if we DON’T use jails for the innocent? What if we don’t create crimes out of good behavior? Is this about cities and counties making money?


Then my calm heart asks: What are some of the other options?


Too often I hear people (family members included) saying “Get off the street and get a job!” What an incomplete thought that is!!! How do they propose a homeless person do that? Are they going to buy a paper to look for a job? Oops, most job postings aren’t in the paper anymore. Ok. They are going to walk into a public library (without being asked to leave because they are dirty or smelly) and look at the listings on the internet! GREAT! Then what? How do they make a call? (Pay phones are very rare!!) How do they get to the location to fill out an application? How do they clean their clothes? How do they shower? How do they return for the interview?
With no job, how do they eat?


There is a very big difference between homeless and street people. Our street people are those who live on the street and prefer to be left there. More often than not these people are suffering from severe mental illness that is untreated. In the state of Florida a majority of the counties do not have programs for the mentally ill and their medication. How do we solve that double bind? NOT FEED THEM? Arrest them for eating or asking for meals or money? That is NOT a solution.


The homeless are a more varied group. They may be individuals and families who have truly been displaced from their homes and do not know the resources available. They may be our veterans who have fought for our freedom and now suffer because they cannot enjoy freedom in their own lives. They may be addicts or alcoholics. They may be injured or handicapped in a way that did not allow them to keep a job and so they are now living on the street. They may be our runaway children. This group is a majority of the people on the streets. We, as a people, can help each and every one of these people get back on their feet but not by angrily judging them or assuming they just need to get a job! The apathy many of us have witnessed is very sad. “It’s their choice” people say! Yes it is but not in the way they mean it when they are angrily discharging themselves of guilt and responsibility for a fellow soulful being.


Every day we make a series of choices, hundreds, some we don’t even notice. Each of those choices builds upon previous choices and experiences. One day we find our Self in a very difficult life situation. How do we ask for help? Where do we go? Do we run? I cannot tell you how often I have heard someone say, “I will leave. I do not know where I will go but I will leave.” Another thought I hear quite a bit is, “I am too tired to fight anymore. I don’t care if I don’t get anything, I just want out!” These thoughts if acted upon can lead to homelessness.


And then there is the addict or alcoholic. No one chooses to be an addict! I don’t know of a single individual who awakened one morning and said, “I want to be in the greatest suffering life can offer!! I want to be an addict!!” It doesn’t happened that way. The person is already familiar with the abuse pattern from life experience. The use of alcohol or a drug opens them to being seduced by the illusion of a relief (substance) that recreates the vicious abuse cycle that is already active within them. They do not know they are falling victim to the substance until it is too late. Some will choose to use until they die. Most are desperate for help and love. All are suffering.


Welfare is not an answer! It is not even support. It is useless at this point. We need a way to empower those who are suffering. To heal them to a point that they can stand on their own and WANT to work and live! We need people who are willing to reach out and feed them so that they can have the strength necessary to even WANT to heal or move forward. The problem is, we need resources. We need independent charities that are structured to empower, train and place these people – Boca Helping Hands is a great example. We need charities that will address the mental and emotional issues. We need charities that will fund scholarship treatment for the substance abuse needs. We need charities that will pay for the medical treatment. THEN we need the police, sheriffs and paramedics/firefighters to know how to transport. Or maybe we need a charity that is central for the assessment and placement.


So, I ask you to ponder the situation. Let’s come up with a solution. The holidays are upon us and they are about unconditional acceptance and unity. Could there be a better time to rise up from judgment and separateness and unite for the good of all?


Reasons Our Media Might Be Hurting, Not Helping

Why do you watch the news? Why? To be informed… Wherever you are sitting at this moment, turn off any TV or radios that may be on. Ask your Self, “How does everything I gather from the news affect me at this moment?” Is your mind going to: “Well it allows me to stay safe; or it allows me to know what is going on in our government; or it tells me about the strife in Venezuela…” Stay right here in this moment. How does it affect you right now!? The people who are in the tragedy are not in your experience. How is it affecting your minute, your now?


Lets move away from that and look at something else. Some of what happens are important facts. We are a free country and are able to vote, so some of what we could gather could be factual information. Then, when we do need to make a choice, it is in our best interest. But that is not what we gather from the news. The news preys upon the fear. They have researched the tone of the news to be sure it catches your fight or flight response and, consequently, your attention. So lets back away. The issue isn’t factual information because we all know we can gather our facts from reliable sources via the internet, readings, etc. The news we watch, or the biased newspaper we read, are a gathering of opinions! So how does all of that affect your moment right now!? If you are sitting in a park and looking out over trees and a pond, how does it affect that experience? If you are sharing a beautiful evening with the one you love, how does it affect that experience? If we take those beautiful experiences and we find ourselves talking about the news, have we lost the moment?


In conclusion, I hope you all think twice before allowing your Self to be seduced into the fear-based news shows and newspapers. They are not always factual. They eliminate those blocks of time from you experiencing your life. Be sure of the truth of why you watch the news. The news and media can sensationalize, so it important to do your own research. What are you truly gaining from the information? Does it truly better your life? Take one week. Turn off any news media and gather your information from factual sources. Watch how you start to see more roses on your path of life!


Prejudice And Hate: A Response To Coca-Cola’s Beautiful Commercial


I am not making a political statement nor am I making a statement regarding our immigration policy. I am making a statement about the righteousness of the American people when they believe, egotistically, that they have the right to hate the diversity of fellow Americans! It is that very diversity that gave us the opportunity to be free!!


Why do people hate? As Americans we are a culture and country created of people from multiple countries. So when did we decide to hate the very diversity that defines us? If “we judge only in the way we are fearful of being judged“, then what does that say about all of those who are showing hate for diverse individuals these days?


The only people who are truly American and are not descendants from another nation are the Native American Indians! No one needs to doubt that! And yet, those who are showing hate towards people who are from other countries are the same people hating the native Indians!! That suggests that they are fearful of anyone different than their Selves. That puts them in a very dark force and removes them from their light.


Prejudice has always been seen as black magic, or what today some call evil. It goes against the rhythm of life and life’s teachings. It goes against the human rights of another. It is pure fear iced with ignorance. In this country we have freedom of speech. It is that very freedom of speech that, when used to spew dark prejudice, imprisons the speaker. It’s ironic how people will use their freedom to imprison themselves. Furthermore, those feelings of hate or prejudice are only within the person feeling them. Those emotions are eating at the very heart of those who speak the harsh words. To make it even more sad, those very people who are speaking such hurt, experience a desire for unconditional love and acceptance in their own lives!


America is built upon and defined by the most high spiritual principles. Have we forgotten that? Have we decided we’re not capable of living up to that? Instead of standing in a state of fearful, fragmenting, hatred, why can’t we choose to stand in unity, harmony, and love? When we go against the people IN this nation, we go against the people OF this nation and we go against the very virtues and integrity of the nation itself. So when you tell the Americans who have migrated here from elsewhere to go back to their countries you are in essence telling the nation to go to hell.


To those of you who choose to hate, I offer you a challenge. If you think you have such strength to hate then do you have such strength to accept and do you have such strength to understand that the soul is the truth that lives on. And do you have the strength to heal your spirit from the very fears and fear-based thoughts or experiences so that you may find true freedom in this life. After all, we are all one.


Thank you, Coca-Cola for your inspiration and your grounding in life’s principles. You are teaching a nation to be free!

From Anger To Uniting


I looked extensively for some reasoning behind the world participating in the Sochi Olympics given Russia’s new federal legislation that defines “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” (being out as gay or supporting the LBGT community) as a crime. I can’t find anything that I can embrace. I looked hard. Hate, prejudice, bullying, persecution — none can be justified. So, how do we allow a perception of supporting or ignoring it by participating in the games?


I believe the suggestion to pull out of the Olympics is not intended to “punish” our athletes or destroy their dream to compete. The suggestion, I hope, is to protect our young athletes and those who they know and love. The danger is not limited to the athletes and their families. It includes all reporters, media staff, spectators and Olympic staff as potentially being seen as propagandizing the gay lifestyle. Sadly, it will take one person in, or associated with, the Olympics to get assaulted, bludgeoned, or killed and the entire world, outside of Russia, will feel the hurt. So, why not move the Olympics back to Vancouver, Canada!!!


What allows us to continue to imagine participation in Sochi? Is it that, as a world, we are not ready to stand strong and protect gay culture? Or, is it that we are afraid to go against Russia? Or, is it that life is just not as valuable as the money that will be grossed from participating in the games? Or, have we really created such a selfish mentality that our athletes would rather risk lives to compete than to stand strong in integrity and not?


All of these thoughts can increase anger because people feel helpless to create the change. It is as if the games will go on, regardless. In life, when anger is ignited, I ask what is behind it. What drives it? In this case, it is the helplessness that comes from not being able to stop the pain of being judged. Further, it is the pain of being judged in a way that does not allow the truth of the person to be known or seen. It is the rejection, condemnation, and destruction that comes as a result of those ill judgments. You do not need to be gay to feel those feelings. You do not need to be Jewish to feel those feelings. You need only to be human. Everyone feels that pain in this life at some point. Would you support someone judging your child that way? What does it take to grow beyond that “fear” of judgment? As an individual it takes a LOT! So, as a culture or world it takes a LOT more! If we allow our Selves to sit passively until there is reason to fight, it will ignite in all of us the rage that comes from that inner awareness of the pain of judgment. It is ugly rage. If, however, we are proactive rather than reactive and say we will not be a part of Russia’s abusive, criminal behavior, then we stay in front of our anger and prevent the hurt from being multiplied (not to mention, potentially save lives!!).


What stops people from standing strong and uniting? The anger we feel can unite us but for some reason doesn’t. Some of the interference in unity comes from the media. The media presents the information that ignites fear-based emotions in the people. Those emotions then cause fragmentation and do not promote belief in the unity that each person is a critical part in creating. There is no unity without YOU because you are the unit who makes it unity! As a people we need to stand strong individually so that the uniting can begin — one person at a time. Uniting in the name of love and acceptance — that’s The Spirit/God I believe exists.


One man started that process. Brian Burke, Director of Player Personnel for the US Olympic Hockey Team, had a gay son who came out in 2007 and was killed in an accident in 2010. As a tribute and honoring of his son, Brian has created a nonprofit organization for gay athletes. According to the Russian legislation, he is at risk to be arrested! This could be a place where we can begin, one person at a time, to unite with Brian and his efforts and to feel the circle of life seal itself around the world, on behalf of unity, freedom and safety. We can then push to the outside of that circle those who want to live in a state of hate and abuse. This is why I believe we must stand strong and refuse to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympics as long as they are in Sochi.


Click Here to support Brian Burke’s You Can Play Project


Click Here to sign the petition created by James Lavin to Strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Games


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