Experience my dynamic workshops and elevate your mental and emotional state.

My workshops are designed to help you embark on an inner journey to find greater freedom, happiness, and success. Take the opportunity to pay what you can at checkout.

Calming the Mind in This Trying Time

How can we use this time when we are more-often separated from others to feel limitless and focused. This seminar will teach you several techniques on how to embrace and observe being in the here and now.


Manifesting Your Dreams

Let me guide you on your path to defining your vision, overcoming roadblocks, and activating your vision.
Gain the tools you need to allow your dreams to prosper and come to life.


Blooming in the Face of Boredom

Boost your curiosity, unlock your imagination and creativity, and open your mind to infinite possibilities.
Discover how to use structure and diversity to remain present and mindful.


Finding Freedom Inside Four Walls

Transcend the physical barriers imposed by the pandemic. Try simple exercises to alleviate feeling stuck and trapped and embark on an inner journey to find greater freedom.


Moving Beyond Holiday Anxiety

Holiday time can bring about unwanted anxiety and depression. Learn what you can do to identify the differences between the two, as well as overcome the challenges holidays can bring with it.


Mastering Loneliness During the Holidays

Loneliness to an individual can be exceptionally painful. The holidays can further intensify negative thoughts or feelings. Discover how to overcome this temporary state.


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