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As a leading communication expert, Kristen offers compelling and provocative seminars, workshops, webinars and groups, which are different forums within which you can explore business development, career, and life utilizing The Sage's Template™ which was created by Kristen. You’ll love her special proficiency for walking you gently and safely into the places you wish to go and how she provides the clarity to do so.

Her teachings are radical, revolutionary and experienced in developing high-impact, deep and high-visibility outcomes for those of you who are forward-thinking and who will not settle for halfway solutions. Kristen’s clients often work with her over many years and enjoy lasting positive results. Her unique, well-researched models, exciting new ideas and services in her partnerships with clients, work!

All seminars, workshops and webinars can be for business, professional or personal development. Check them out and sign up for one or more today. It’s to your life’s benefit.

Corporate Workshops

Communication is always occurring. We cannot not communicate. Teach and learn a style of communicating that can build, develop and enhance your workforce, culture and team spirit.

  • Culture – Build and enhance your culture through greater communication skills
  • Leadership – A great leader must be able to speak so that all levels of the corporate structure comprehend the message and its intent.
  • Team Building – Create a unified team through an effective communication that can change the way your team relates and grows.
  • Mentors – A well-defined mentor communicates the mission and culture of the corporation and profession fluidly.
  • Partnerships – Strengthen your business partnership through a form of communication that grows the relationship with one another and your business.
  • Substance Abuse – Strong communication and awareness can identify those employees suffering with substance issues before the substance impacts productivity and morale.
  • Performance – Comprehensive communication builds individual pride in performance and productivity.

Current Public Workshops

Our currently active workshops are open for enrollment. Please let us know if there are any questions or personal requests.

  • Health & Wellness - Create a harmonious life and find the benefits to health when you gain emotional strength.
  • LGBTQ - Move past the subtle influences and the stigma of society and free your Self and expression.
  • Life Balance - Learn to live beyond stress in both your personal and professional world while gaining happiness in your life.
  • Mental and Emotional Health - Learn to heal from your past life-altering experiences whether from family abuse, bullying or more and transition into a place where you gain happiness and confidence.
  • Substance Abuse - Learn to use the 12-steps to master this life. Find your magik and spiritual strength.
  • Women - Women defining women beyond social and cultural definitions. Looking at the graceful power, the voice, the relationships. Moving beyond and transcending the history that has held them repressed.

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