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ls your company struggling with its team work or cultural identity? Would you like a professional speech that uniquely bridges the personal and professional needs of your business or group? Do you want more fulfillment out of your personal life?
Kristen approaches her speeches and workshops using The Sage's Template™ to teach life mastery and career success. Through these teachings and guidance, you or your group will find a new balance in life, satisfaction in career and relationships, a new perspective on True Self, and a clear definition of life experiences. You will learn that communication is the basis to success in all relationships and businesses. Kristen is dedicated to helping people as their life guide, teacher or executive coach through motivational speeches, enlightened writings, informative seminars, and mastery sessions.


“Welcome to my site. I feel privileged that you are considering my services. Continually, I am honored to work with my clients as they choose to open to this life and all it has to offer. Using my unique and simple template, The Sage's Template™, I guide clients through their life and business choices and in their life and business design. What I do today is far beyond what I thought I would be doing (and beyond what I was able to offer) as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Yet, I continue to feel deep heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Harry Grater, my doctoral chair at University of Florida. It is from his mentoring that I gained a deep appreciation for life and people. I am also grateful for the Shamans Amaru Li, Hawk, Robin and others, whose guidance and teachings have opened my understanding of life and healing the body, mind, and spirit as one.Quote

I truly thank you for your interest,

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How do we begin to understand the number of massacres this country has endured? I am constantly finding myself in the middle of this question. Here are my thoughts. This is not a political statement or a gun statement. It is a statement of what…



Speak Your Truth Podcast: International Women's Day

March is Women's History Month, and International Women's Day, on May 8th, officially commemorates the movement for women's rights. Join Kristen as she discusses articles from the UN on their plans to and how the #MeToo movement continues the global movement for equality.…



Emoji's Don't Emote: Texting Away on Valentine’s Day

How are you going to use texting this Valentine's Day? Will you text your beloved that you love him or her with a heart-based emoticon? Will you send a text to your friends saying “Happy Valentine's Day” as a meme or gif? Will you try to be the…

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