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Where Do Your Fears Come From?

The fear you experience in this life is taught to, or put upon, you in your life. Fear is of this particular experience with great purpose. Each of you came into this life to have AN experience. That experience integrally includes the fears that you are here to heal.  Without fear, there is no reason to be here.  You also have free will.  So, in this life you will choose, through free will, how much of your fears you will heal or not.  

The fears that you learned in this life set the stage for the challenges in this life.  Those challenges may present as beliefs, patterns, judgments, emotions, or more.  All are anchored in beliefs.  Beliefs that were taught to you in some way and which elicited fear or discomfort in you.  Beliefs that at some point in life, you bought into as if they must be real or truth. 

You came into this life from love and are of love.  Therefore, the fear that was put upon you, or that you learned, is what throws you off balance

The challenges in this life are what hide your truth.  Your truth is made up of love and all of the love-based emotions.  In truth, you are love because it is from the energy of love that you were ultimately sourced.  In other words, soulfully you came in from the energy of love and so, you “know” love and the love-based emotions and are here to unveil them and the truth of you!

You came into this life from love and are of love.  Therefore, the fear that was put upon you, or that you learned, is what throws you off balance or “out of tune.” This life begins with you learning that fear exists and then believing that it is real in your life.  Yet much like a note out of tune, fear is the out of balance that needs to be removed to bring you back into tune or balance with the truth of you (or how the note is to sound if it is going to be in harmony with the chord).  

The presence of emotion in this life is critically important to mastery or the purpose of your experience in this life.  So, lets look at why.  All emotions can be divided into love-based emotions — e.g., love, joy, acceptance, freedom, peace, etc. — and fear-based emotions — e.g., fear, anger, hurt, attachment, guilt, shame, abandonment, etc.  This simple division of your emotions matches the dualistic model that sets the current stage of this life. Once you know if you are experiencing fear- or love-based emotions, you know if you are feeling limited or free, respectively. 

To know when you are feeling fear or fear-based emotions and when you are feeling love or love-based emotions, is to know when you are standing in the illusion of this life and when you are standing in the truth of you.  Remember my last blog, out-of-tune Note C felt life was separate and different but it was all an illusion!  It was always, in truth, at one with the chord as Note C.  It just had to transcend the out of tune.

In the next part of this self-mastery series I’ll discuss understanding your emotions and learning where some of them originate.

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