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Emotions Are Important for Self-Mastery

When learning about Self-Mastery, it is critical that one is very aware of their emotions and feelings. Emotions are the language of the soul. We all have the same emotions.  It is a universal language in this life and an integral part of your purpose in this life. It is also an integral part of your experience in this life.   Consequently, understanding your emotions and knowing how and why you feel are important aspects of self- and life-mastery.  Let’s address this.

Emotions are energy that is transformed into feelings within your body.  The energy of your emotions connect you to the energy of this physical life and to the energy from where you came. Therefore, emotions are the way to know the truth of who and what you are.  Let’s look at what that means.  

you experience fear and fear-based emotions in this life in order to “know” the truth of your Self

Imagine the energy from where you came, it is the energy of sound.  Now, imagine that sound is one chord of infinite notes.  You are Note C.  You know you are Note C but do not know what that means because all you know is the sound of the chord.  Then, one day, Note C goes out of tune and the whole chord screams, “Note C is out of tune!”  You are like, “That’s me! That’s me!” 

All can hear you and you can “identify” you because you are no longer in harmony or unity with the chord, “The One”. It appears to you that you are separate and can be “seen” by the chord as Note C and that you can feel your Self as separate from the chord as Note C.  But the illusion is that you are separate because you never left the chord.   

Being out of tune IS this life and the out of tune are your fear-based emotions.  Consequently, your fears of this life are critical to your purpose.  Let’s now look at what all this means and why it is an integral part of our general purpose in this life.

Let’s go back to being Note C.  The out of tune is fear.  When a note is out of tune it stands out because it is not harmonious.  It can be extremely out of tune or just a wee bit out of tune.  But either way, as it is tuned back into harmony with the chord it is aware of its Self! 

As a result, once it is in tune and in harmony with the infinite chord it has an awareness of who and what it is as an integral part of the infinite. Consequently, you experience fear and fear-based emotions in this life in order to “know” the truth of your Self and how you are an integral part of the whole.  

In my next blog we will uncover just how much these fears can hide the truth of who you are, and why acknowledging and overcoming fear-based emotions is vital to your life mastery journey.

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