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How to Properly Identify Your Emotions

For the last part in this series I want to talk more about identifying emotions. This might sound simple, but I find that people struggle more with identifying their fear-based emotions than their love-based emotions.  Usually, because they do not like the way it feels and have stayed away from them, or have had trauma and have shut them down or never were taught. It can have myriad reasons. Whatever the reasons are, they are anchored in the fear of feeling the pain. 

Often people do not know what they are feeling because they are fearful of their feelings.

Love-based emotions are the ones you enjoy feeling and they make you feel even better when you feel them.  Consequently, people do not struggle as much with those emotions.  At least, that is, until expressing those emotions triggers fears of intimacy.  Often, in working with people who have fears around intimacy, they truly struggle with expressing the loving emotions they have for their partner. As examples: they may say how much they love their partner in a   very matter of fact style and so it does not feel as “real” to their partner; or, they may try to say something loving but they keep talking and go right into something that needs to change or something their partner is doing wrong. There is a vulnerability that can be felt by those who are afraid of intimacy.  Feeling vulnerable is fear.  Feeling open is love.

Feeling loving feelings are wonderful for the person experiencing them.  Yet, for some, those feelings are somewhat uncomfortable or foreign.  For those who feel uncomfortable with expressing or feeling loving emotions, you know it is the warm loving feelings that are making you feel uncomfortable.  Remember, uncomfortable is fear.  Therefore, what you a re learning about your Self is that there is fear around feeling your love feelings. In other words, inside you, you have a feeling that is love-based. THEN you have an uncomfortable feeling because you have become aware of the love-based feeling!  You cannot feel fear while feeling love.  You can feel it on either side of loving feelings but not during.  So, in this case, love itself is not uncomfortable, knowing you are feeling them brings up old fears or beliefs that are uncomfortable.

Then there are the fears that keep us from knowing if love is love!  Often people want to know what love is.  What is its definition?! They are looking for clarity because they cannot trust the feelings inside their Self without an external reassurance of description. This can be from a need to feel the way you “should.” Oftentimes, the questions about the love-based emotions that someone feels come from fear of not knowing if they “should” feel the way they do.  What is love?  It is an age old question from the intellectual mind.

Often people do not know what they are feeling because they are fearful of their feelings.  They may fear intimacy or they may fear their anger.  If you are not able to feel the full range of emotion, you know you have a fear that needs to heal.

How To Be More Aware of Your Emotions

In your life, you may have dreams of what (and how) you wish to experience.  It may include happiness and freedom (love-based experiences).  Yet, you are experiencing a life fraught with intermittent challenge that take you away be from feeling truly joyous or happy from the inside.  You know you wish to experience more out of this life but do not know why you “can’t.”  that takes an understanding of what you’re feeling so that you can move beyond what limits you and find the freedom of joy.

Now that you have an understanding of why emotions are so critical to this life, let’s look at how you can become aware of your own emotions.  Too often I hear people say they do not know how they feel.  Yet, they can at least tell me if they feel comfortable or uncomfortable inside.  That is a great starting point.  Where you are uncomfortable you are experiencing fear or a fear-based emotion. Where you are comfortable you are experiencing a love-based emotion.  

Remember, anger never exists on its own!  It is there as a secondary emotion.  It is up to you to learn what the underlying emotions are and why.

As I have said, knowing your fear-based emotions allows you to unravel the challenges in your life that set you apart from your freedom and joy.  So, let’s start with fear.  As I stated, anytime you feel a fear-based emotion, life is showing you there is a challenge that could (if you choose) be healed.  Yet, in order to heal, you must be able to identify what you are feeling!  More often than not, people know they are feeling anger, irritation, or frustration but may not be able to immediately identify any of the other fear-based emotions mandating their experience.  

Let me take some time and talk about anger.  Anger is a secondary emotion.  That means that ANY of the primary fear-based emotions are what is (or are) creating the anger.  Anger is that emotion that comes up to give you the impetus to go back against the perceived threat that elicited the primary fear-based emotion.  That is what makes anger an aggressive emotion.  Aggression is formally the act of going against.  When you feel a primary fear-based emotion, you may feel small or what to step back or hide.  Think of feeling hurt.  You do not want to say or do anything you want to go away or be alone, as an example.  But the anger comes in and gives you the strength to go against that which (or whom) hurts. 

In order to understand your anger, or to put closure to a situation that elicited the anger, You will need to identify the cause of the anger.  So, I usually give my clients a list of fear-based emotions from which they can identify the underlying emotions.  Once they identify their emotions from that list they are opening their understanding of how they feel and what they need in a situation that brought up anger in them.  That list of emotions, can help you start to identify what you are feeling and why.   Remember, anger never exists on its own!  It is there as a secondary emotion.  It is up to you to learn what the underlying emotions are and why.

Consequently, the fear-based emotions, once identified, show you what is ready to heal, if you choose. Free will says you will choose to heal some and, maybe, not others. Let’s look at an example. You are in a marriage and you are constantly feeling angry at your partner. Your anger keeps pushing her away.  The more your anger pushes her away, the more angry you feel inside.  One day, you decide to look at what is causing this anger in you and you realize you are feeling lonely.  You start to look into the loneliness and you see it consists of the fear of not being good enough to be loved and wanted/desired.  You then realize you have felt this loneliness through out your life at various times.  Once you know you are experiencing loneliness you can tell your partner what you are really feeling!  Maybe you are missing her and feel really afraid that she has decided that you aren’t worth loving anymore.  This opens the doors for your partner to express her feelings which may be that she has endured your anger because she loves you and is trying desperately to do what you need to get beyond the anger.  Maybe she too is feeling unloved and fearful of loss and maybe that is coming from her fear of abandonment!

In the last part of this series I will talk more about properly identifying fear-based and love-based emotions.

Where Do Your Fears Come From?

The fear you experience in this life is taught to, or put upon, you in your life. Fear is of this particular experience with great purpose. Each of you came into this life to have AN experience. That experience integrally includes the fears that you are here to heal.  Without fear, there is no reason to be here.  You also have free will.  So, in this life you will choose, through free will, how much of your fears you will heal or not.  

The fears that you learned in this life set the stage for the challenges in this life.  Those challenges may present as beliefs, patterns, judgments, emotions, or more.  All are anchored in beliefs.  Beliefs that were taught to you in some way and which elicited fear or discomfort in you.  Beliefs that at some point in life, you bought into as if they must be real or truth. 

You came into this life from love and are of love.  Therefore, the fear that was put upon you, or that you learned, is what throws you off balance

The challenges in this life are what hide your truth.  Your truth is made up of love and all of the love-based emotions.  In truth, you are love because it is from the energy of love that you were ultimately sourced.  In other words, soulfully you came in from the energy of love and so, you “know” love and the love-based emotions and are here to unveil them and the truth of you!

You came into this life from love and are of love.  Therefore, the fear that was put upon you, or that you learned, is what throws you off balance or “out of tune.” This life begins with you learning that fear exists and then believing that it is real in your life.  Yet much like a note out of tune, fear is the out of balance that needs to be removed to bring you back into tune or balance with the truth of you (or how the note is to sound if it is going to be in harmony with the chord).  

The presence of emotion in this life is critically important to mastery or the purpose of your experience in this life.  So, lets look at why.  All emotions can be divided into love-based emotions — e.g., love, joy, acceptance, freedom, peace, etc. — and fear-based emotions — e.g., fear, anger, hurt, attachment, guilt, shame, abandonment, etc.  This simple division of your emotions matches the dualistic model that sets the current stage of this life. Once you know if you are experiencing fear- or love-based emotions, you know if you are feeling limited or free, respectively. 

To know when you are feeling fear or fear-based emotions and when you are feeling love or love-based emotions, is to know when you are standing in the illusion of this life and when you are standing in the truth of you.  Remember my last blog, out-of-tune Note C felt life was separate and different but it was all an illusion!  It was always, in truth, at one with the chord as Note C.  It just had to transcend the out of tune.

In the next part of this self-mastery series I’ll discuss understanding your emotions and learning where some of them originate.

Emotions Are Important for Self-Mastery

When learning about Self-Mastery, it is critical that one is very aware of their emotions and feelings. Emotions are the language of the soul. We all have the same emotions.  It is a universal language in this life and an integral part of your purpose in this life. It is also an integral part of your experience in this life.   Consequently, understanding your emotions and knowing how and why you feel are important aspects of self- and life-mastery.  Let’s address this.

Emotions are energy that is transformed into feelings within your body.  The energy of your emotions connect you to the energy of this physical life and to the energy from where you came. Therefore, emotions are the way to know the truth of who and what you are.  Let’s look at what that means.  

you experience fear and fear-based emotions in this life in order to “know” the truth of your Self

Imagine the energy from where you came, it is the energy of sound.  Now, imagine that sound is one chord of infinite notes.  You are Note C.  You know you are Note C but do not know what that means because all you know is the sound of the chord.  Then, one day, Note C goes out of tune and the whole chord screams, “Note C is out of tune!”  You are like, “That’s me! That’s me!” 

All can hear you and you can “identify” you because you are no longer in harmony or unity with the chord, “The One”. It appears to you that you are separate and can be “seen” by the chord as Note C and that you can feel your Self as separate from the chord as Note C.  But the illusion is that you are separate because you never left the chord.   

Being out of tune IS this life and the out of tune are your fear-based emotions.  Consequently, your fears of this life are critical to your purpose.  Let’s now look at what all this means and why it is an integral part of our general purpose in this life.

Let’s go back to being Note C.  The out of tune is fear.  When a note is out of tune it stands out because it is not harmonious.  It can be extremely out of tune or just a wee bit out of tune.  But either way, as it is tuned back into harmony with the chord it is aware of its Self! 

As a result, once it is in tune and in harmony with the infinite chord it has an awareness of who and what it is as an integral part of the infinite. Consequently, you experience fear and fear-based emotions in this life in order to “know” the truth of your Self and how you are an integral part of the whole.  

In my next blog we will uncover just how much these fears can hide the truth of who you are, and why acknowledging and overcoming fear-based emotions is vital to your life mastery journey.

What Is the Energy of Your Soul?

What is the energy of life and what does that mean?

Just about everyone talks about the soul leaving the body at the “end” of this life. What is the soul?  The soul is an energy and energy does not end.  It changes form but always has been, always will be and always is.  So that soul energy must be “something” before it enters this life.  And so it is.  It appears to be a source of and sourced from the energy of love.

The soul chooses to enter this life as an experience.  It enters at conception. That soulful energy has its own freewill.  It is the freewill that allows the soul to choose any experience it wishes to have in this lifetime. IF the soul chooses its experience then the energy of the soul is a critical part of this existence for you.

Love is abundance! It is infinite in its pure experience. Energy is abundant and forever. Abundance and love are freedom.

People mostly agree that an apparition of a passed being is energy.  An energy that takes a gentle form or image in order for you to recognize its source.  It is an energy that exists as a part of Source or Love.  It is an energy that is perceived as separate from our physical understanding of this existence.  And yet, it resides concurrently with and directly influential of our physical human experience.  It is the soul presenting to the physical world to show the unity and oneness of “life.”

Because the soul is energy, the language of the soul must also be energy. Emotion is energy until it is felt as a feeling.  Therefore, emotion is the language of the soul and is inherent in intuition and its interpretation.  As you move beyond fear and into mastery of this life, or enlightenment, you unveil a wisdom, or a knowingness, that goes beyond your physical teachings. That unveiled wisdom is the same in each individual.  This is one way we know there is validity in the wisdom. It is the wisdom that allows us to know life beyond this physical form.  The likeness of all wisdom opens you to the idea of a source of energy that is One.

Your intuition is a language of the energy realm.  It is the bridge of you in physical to the energy.  The bridge is that knowingness and intuition that allows you to communicate with the source, or one. Intellect and knowing are different.  Knowingness is wisdom.  Wisdom is the same for each person who accesses it.  Therefore, there is something beyond this physical form that allows us to know beyond this physical form.

That something is energy. The energy of love.  It is what we are and where we are “from”. It is why we all are focused on love and finding love and being in love, etc.! Within each of you, you know love, even if you have never been in a truly loving environment.  You know the ideal mother, you know the ideal feeling of love.  You know these things because at your core, you are love. 

Love is abundance! It is infinite in its pure experience. Energy is abundant and forever. Abundance and love are freedom.  The experience of freedom is an emotion or feeling.  It is an energy. Therefore, when you are looking for love in this life you are looking for freedom, abundance, and expansiveness in your life.  

So when you meet someone and you feel that connection, you may call it chemistry but it is energy.  It is the energy of life.  That energy is then felt through your body’s chemistry. So, you may ask why sometimes you feel such a strong attraction to someone who does not turn out to be that ideal partner.  It is because the “fear” in this life covers up the truth of who you are and is the part of your life attracting the partner.  Fear is always an illusion and can create illusions.  So, the familiarity of someone creates a feeling of “Wow!” inside but, eventually,  you realize that person is oh-so familiar in their patterns and styles. In this life, you learned fear.  That fear covers up the truth of you that is love.  Fear limits you and can make you feel small.  Love is expansive and can make you feel invincible.  In this case, the fear has created the familiarity and the energetic connection because you are meant to master or transcend the challenge(s) that connected you to this pattern in the first place.

That is why love of Self is so important.  The more you learn to love your Self the greater your ability to know the love that you wish to experience.  You will also learn to know the depth of love within you and that will illuminate the depth of love you wish to experience!

I want to make one more comment about the energy of life.  It is a soul’s journey.  Each life is a soul having AN experience.  People doubt this because there is no “proof.” That is mostly because science studies the physical.  It only believes in what can be seen or tested.  It is a fixed paradigm.  We have a plethora of evidence that people experience “life” after death (which means there is NO death just a transformation.) We have hypnosis that takes people to an experience elsewhere and, when we research the life described, we can find evidence of its existence.  We have memories that are of experiences elsewhere.  We have memory of our entry into this physical life.  The problem is that our current science does not like the quasi experiments needed to begin to open the doors to understanding the energy that resides within the physical body as a soul.  

In conclusion, there is an abundance of data that supports the knowingness that energy is the core of this experience. As a soul having a human experience, you can start to understand that if you ARE love then of course you are looking for love.  Then you also can begin to understand why you wish for a partnership.  Because you feel so separate, you wish to be connected and unified as one with love and through love.  I hope each of you opens your Soulful Self to the love that you are and can unite in an ideal partnership that opens the abundance of life and freedom.

What Is the Definition of Love?

Pretty much everyone agrees we have a soul or some kind of life energy that runs this human body. Therefore, we all come from a source of energy. And that energy is love. Pure love. That is why we cannot have enough words to describe the myriad ways we express and experience love. That is why everyone, in their own way, is looking for love in this lifetime. So, in this article, I will talk a little about love.

Every human being, at some level, has a longing for love. Even serial criminals and murderers have a craving for love. They feel unloved more often than not. Why is it that all of us have that common denominator? Because we come from pure love. And the Soul is always looking for its way back home to that harmony, unity and oneness of love.

It is important to understand the depth, the power, and the glory of the love that defines your truth.

Because love is the truth of what you are, in this life, you will experience a deeper love and a deeper love and a deeper love. It will feel endless in how it deepens. And, on this plane, it does deepen endlessly.  Truth (not facts) and wisdom are the energy that keeps us connected to that One from where we came.

The fear you feel is there to give the illusion of being separate and to give you the opportunity, in this life, to heal those fears and thereby unveil the truth of love. It is why everyone is “looking” for love in or with another. It is in this lifetime that we experience fear. Fear is the absence of love. Love is the absence of fear. So, that place from where we come is an absence of fear and any of the fear-based emotions, also known as the fear-based energies, or the darker energies. We come from light. Love is light. The energy of all of the love-based emotions is light and expansive. Fear is dense, limiting, and dark.

In this life, your soul is having an experience separate from its existence as the energy of love.  Fear is a critical part of this existence.  It allows you to feel separate from and fearful of loss and more.  Those fears are your challenges in this life. As you choose to master or transcend those fears/challenges, you choose to unveil the truth of YOU! That truth is love.  You are in your truth when you feel joy, adoration, unity, compassion, etc.  

It is important to understand the depth, the power, and the glory of the love that defines your truth. It helps you understand why it is important to learn to love your Self so that you can truly love another and feel loved by another. If you do not love yourself then what part of you is loving another? If you do not love yourself, how do you feel and believe in the love that the other is trying to give to you? How do you assimilate or accommodate the love that abounds in your life, if you do not know that you are of love and can be loved?

For all of your life, you have “known” love and the love that YOU wish to be and experience.  This is because, profoundly, each child knows instinctively that they need to be loved. Each child knows what love feels like, intuitively. We are built upon that knowingness. It is that childhood awareness of love and unity that feeds our instinct of survival.

Love.  It is everywhere and in everything and everyone.  If there was no fear we would only know the oneness.  As you choose to master the challenges of this life, you choose to unveil the oneness of you and all.  You choose freedom, love, unity, harmony, and more.  You are love. Consequently, if you live in love, then your inside voices and thoughts would be absent of judgment or prejudice.  Your assumptions would be replaced with a knowingness and compassionate curiosity.  So, go ahead, unveil your truth of love!  This is a great time to start!

How to Know the Difference Between Manifestation and Premonition

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you manifested something or if intuitively you had a premonition. Can you tell the difference? In this blog we will discuss that very challenge. 

Premonitions may tell you what will happen if you stay the course whereas manifestation is the creation of the course, ongoing or new.  Premonitions can be like signs whereas manifestation is about consciously deciding to follow the sign or create something completely different. Let me give an example. I was driving on Interstate 95, when a motorcyclist raced between me and the car in the other lane.  My dear friend said, “Body bag.” A few miles up the road the cyclist and bike were laying in separate places in the shoulder.  

A manifestation is the creation of your vision or dream.  A premonition is the snapshot that can be of your life or someone else’s.

She freaked and thought she had manifested it!  It took me some time to calm her down and help her see that it was a premonition and not a manifestation. She had a vision that flashed within her as he flew by us (a sign) and she stated what she saw.  That was the premonition.  Furthermore, she would NEVER wish harm on anyone.  Therefore, her intentions would never align with a thought like that to manifest the situation. A premonition can also be a one-time vision whereas manifestation allows the vision to unfold and continue forward. Here is an example: 

A very dear friend of mine had a vision of being an attorney (CLICK HERE to see the Instagram Video) when he was a boy, prior to knowing what an attorney was.  Later in his childhood, he saw a tv show about an attorney and realized what he was going to be.  It was then that he began manifesting the initial vision.  He indeed became a very successful attorney.

Further, a premonition can be your vision to see the dream or that vision can just come into your awareness and pass.  A premonition may also come into your thoughts as a thought.  

For example, I may be straightening up my home and I have a very clear thought of my high-school best friend.  That evening, I get a text message saying she is coming to my area and wants to know if we can get together.  We had not spoken or gotten together for over 15 years!!

Oftentimes, these premonitions are telling you someone is present or something is present. If it’s more of an insert, it can be a calling forth at that moment.  

Another example: I had a week of flashing, intruding thoughts and visions of one of my dogs Pedro, who had passed months earlier.  The following week, Magoo, his brother, passed away.  I realized Pedro was coming in to take Magoo to the other side.  

There was no manifestation in those visions.  They were an awareness of a presence.

Our premonitions and visions exist often spontaneously, as you can see.  The manifestation has more consistency to it by allowing the vision to unfold as it continues to go forward. As you develop the vision, or premonition, of your dream, you can “see” the dream.  You want the vision to have great detail and be very clear to you in the way it feels, moves, and looks.  This is where you begin to understand that.

As you can see, premonition is the intrusive thought or vision that gives a snapshot of what will be. They can be entwined with your manifestations. In the premonition, you may not have any of the surrounding details or context. When you manifest you have the context and the details. In many cases you know what’s leading up to the manifestation.

In a premonition, you don’t know what leads up to it. You don’t know why it is, you just know it is. You can manifest your premonition or choose to manifest something different than the premonition. However, if the premonition you have is on behalf of someone else then it’s clearly a premonition. We do not manifest things in other people’s lives. Unless we are working in concert with their effort to manifest within their lives.

Now let’s add another dimension to our understanding of the difference, and yet the connection, between the two.  To the  energetic realm, there is no such thing as time. Consequently everything just is. There is also no such thing as space in between. Everything is one. So when we have a premonition, we tap that source of energy.  Premonition is tapping that source of energy and getting a glimpse of what occurs in what we perceive as the future. We see something in the now that may be in the future.  

We see it happening here but it will happen there.  Manifestation is holding the space for the creation. That is the crux of energizing your manifestations. You want to see it in the here and now with the vision and be clear on the “future” experience.  It is then that you are fueling the dream you are manifesting. 

And finally, let’s understand the context within which manifestation resides. Manifestation is part of the Law of Attraction (CLICK HERE to read the blog). The Law of Attraction is a law of life that has been around from the beginning. It says that what you put out comes back.  All of life is a circle and that circle begins with, and circles back to, you.  So, you attract back to you what you send out.  Manifestation is the act of creating with the law of attraction.  You can create consciously or unconsciously. You create your fears and your joys. Always!

In conclusion, manifestation is the creation of your vision or dream.  A premonition is the snapshot that can be of your life or someone else’s. You attract the premonition because of the concept of all is one and the law of attraction. Therefore, you can have a premonition that relates to what you are manifesting or a premonition that is simply an awareness of an event (your’s or someone else’s).

The premonition can be an introduction to your manifestation but can also be completely separate and can stand alone.  The premonition can be about you or another. You do not, however, manifest other’s lives.  That is their free will. When you have a premonition that involves another, it is just that, a premonition. Otherwise, you hold the free will to choose if you will manifest your premonition or manifest a new direction in your life!

How Fears and Old Beliefs Stop Your Dreams From Manifesting

As I mentioned in my blog on manifestation, you manifest your joys and your fears. Those fears can be in your awareness or hidden. In this blog, we will talk about fears, doubts, and/or beliefs that interrupt the desired manifestation.  We will look at how you can begin to unfold and eliminate those interruptions to your manifestation. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the interruptions so that you are manifesting that for which you wish.

The first thing is to identify those fears and doubts that are interrupting the manifestation of your dreams. Synchronicity, which I have spoken about in another blog, is one of the most powerful ways to become aware of those fears or doubts that are interrupting your dreams. Your dream time during sleep will illuminate your fears and doubts in life.  Your sleep-time dreams let you know what you are ready to heal.  

When you are continually seeing fear-based patterns in your life, it is there for you to master them.

Your language, both spoken and unspoken, is the most accessible way to know your fears, doubts, and old beliefs. (As a note, if you are struggling with anxiety, it’s clear that you have fear that needs to be addressed. As you can see with anxiety, fear produces fear. Anxiety is the fear of the fear. All anxiety comes from a traumatic source. That traumatic source may house old beliefs. So, you look at the symptoms or symbols in the anxiety to tell you what is hiding in the shadows and skewing your manifestations.)

You can identify those fears and doubts that are interrupting your manifestation by listening to your Self. Listen to your words both in your thoughts and spoken out loud. Do not judge them. Hear them. It is in those words that you will find hidden fears or doubts. Listen for the words: should, need to, have to, supposed to. Those words let you know there are expectations guiding your manifestation.

That means there is incongruence to your true dream. Listen for the words want or hope. They let you know that there is doubt. Beyond your words, allow yourself to feel the hidden hesitation that may exist. Sometimes it’s a blatant disbelief. Maybe you don’t believe you can afford something or have something. Oftentimes, however, it is not so blatant. So you must feel into what you wish to experience and find those diss beliefs or doubts.

Synchronicity is another way to see where you have fear, doubt, or old beliefs hindering your dreams. Synchronicity is when something happens over and over, or something occurs out of the ordinary, or something is very pronounced in your life. Synchronicity can tell you what you need to look at inside your self and it can also tell you what is going on in your life or what is going to go on in your life. It is up to each of you to learn about synchronicity. It is how life speaks to you.

Life is always wanting you to move toward your dreams. Once you understand how synchronicity exists in your life, you have developed another level of understanding where there can be interruptions to your manifestations of your dreams.

Remember that judgments and assumptions come from inside you. Be aware of any judgments that may exist within you. They will teach you where you have all beliefs that you were taught. Those old beliefs are affecting you personally. Assumptions that you make come from the fears you were taught. Those assumptions are affecting you and your ability to believe in your dreams. Both of these experiences are fear-based. Consequently, they teach you clearly the detail of some of what is hindering your absolute freedom and your ability to manifest your dreams.

Once you become aware of the fear or the doubt that is driving the manifestation of a situation you don’t want to experience, you can say, “I am aware that the situation has occurred because I am ready to master this challenge.” You can follow that with a statement regarding the desired manifestation. For example, you are experiencing yet another betrayal in your life, and it’s affecting your income.

You don’t understand why another betrayal has come into your life and is challenging you in your career. You can say, “I am aware that betrayal is a challenge in this life and I will continue to work to heal it while I manifest a successful business.” Now you have identified the source of the doubt, fear, or beliefs and you are going to work on that challenge while you are also manifesting your dream.

Now, imagine that you see two challenges in that event!  You can tackle them both: “I am aware that betrayal and fear of being destroyed are deep challenges in my life and I am ready to heal them.” If you don’t acknowledge the source of the fear or are not ready to heal the challenge, then you will manifest the challenge over and over because it’s in your life to be mastered.

Consequently, when you are continually seeing fear-based patterns in your life, it is there for you to master them. If you avoid or ignore them,  you will continue to manifest them because they are living in your hidden fears and beliefs within this lifetime. As soon as you acknowledge the repetitive experiences, the synchronicity, and the patterns, you are ready to master the challenge and concurrently manifest your dreams.

How to Live In a State of Manifestation

I live my life in a state of mastery and, consequently, in a state of manifestation. The more challenges I master the more powerful my manifestations. Furthermore, the more I master, the more clearly I see what I am manifesting, good and not so good. Why is that?

Our challenges are developed from the fear that we learned on this plane.  They limit our love and freedom.  Consequently, they limit our awareness of our connection to the energetic realm (universe, source, one, etc.).  When we are limited to the physicality of this experience, we develop doubts that there is more beyond this existence. Those doubts block us from opening our pure intuition. So the more we master our challenges the more pure our connection to our intuition and to the One.  We then unveil the belief in, and knowing of, all that is.

When you live in a state of manifestation, you are asking yourself why certain things occur in your life.

The truth of who we are remains very connected to that source of energy from which we came into this life and to which we will return. We are our soul but we are also the body that is inhabited by the soul. The physical experience of this life brings with it a limited appearance, as mentioned.

Mastery is the transcendence or healing of those limitations and fears. With mastery of those fears, you are more and more purely the love energy of your origin. If you live in a state of joy, you are experiencing mostly love and acceptance with small hiccups of fear intruding.  Therefore, you are living much more in the energy of your truth. In that experience of truth of life, you’re connected to the energy realm.   Your connection to the energy realm is that which allows you to see and feel the manifestation that creates your physical existence. You can then live in a state of manifestation with greater clarity.

When you live in a state of manifestation, you are asking yourself why certain things occur in your life. What pieces of the past are still actively creating the patterns in the present that you seemingly no longer wish to experience.  You are asking these questions knowing that inside you is all you need to manifest the change and these new experiences.

I always talk about intention when I talk about manifestation.  Your intention must align with your thoughts in order to manifest.  Now, it is easy to see what that means.  If I am living beyond most fear and I am willing to face and transcend the fear that presents, then I am keyed into my experience and the experiences I wish to have.  It is from that clear awareness that my intentions are felt and manifest.  As I manifest an uncomfortable experience, I immediately know there is a challenge within me. This challenge needs to heal to move to a greater experience or manifestation in life.

Everything You Need to Know About Manifestation

Manifestation. It is what you do to create. You manifest. You are always manifesting. It is a part of the Law of Attraction which is a law of all life: conscious and unconscious, physical and energetic.  Unfortunately, most of your manifestation is done unconsciously or subconsciously. So, in this article, we are going to look at where you are manifesting your dreams, where you feel like everything is just Groundhog’s Day — happening over and over again, and where you feel like you’re manifesting a nightmare.

In this life, manifestation begins with emotion. And emotion is energy until it becomes a feeling in your body. So even prior to your feeling emotions, you are manifesting. Where you feel trapped, limited, or uncomfortable, you are manifesting from your fears, doubts, or old beliefs.  Where you are experiencing joy, love, and comfort, you are manifesting from your love, dream, or freedom. As a result of this truth, it is important to understand that intention is a very critical ingredient in your manifesting.  

What if I tell you that you are manifesting even before your emotions! Manifestation does not just exist simply in this life as something you do and feel. It is a combination of your energetic and physical Self as well as of your healing, intuition, emotions, and beliefs. Sometimes in this life, you have experiences that just feel like a miracle. Sometimes, you have experiences that feel like a never-ending nightmare. In both of those cases (and everything in-between), you have manifested the situation. The question is from what aspect of our Self, and why, was it manifested?

Let’s look at the various aspects of Self that participate in manifesting this life: the energetic to physical. It is important to understand the difference in the parts of Self that are creating the manifestations. Too often people think they are punishing themselves and feel too much responsibility on the physical plane for an energetic purpose. The soul is part of manifesting the events in this life.  

Most people are unconscious of their soul’s presence and activity.  Your soul is in this life to have an experience.  That would be that space before you even know what emotions are taking place. It’s part of your purpose on this plane! You may not yet know what your purpose – or overall experience – is in this life.

Once you become aware of the soulful level of manifestation, you can begin to understand the emotional level (doubt vs. belief) of manifestation. That is the bridge between the energetic and physical aspects of your life. The emotions are energy until they are felt as feelings.  

It is the way the soul imparts the experience of your life.  Fear-based emotions are the limitations and challenges of this life and love-based emotions are the freedom and joys of this life. The events that occur in your life are performing a scene in your play of life. That scene elicits feelings so you can choose (free will) to heal and transcend the fear – or further develop the joy that the scene elicits. 

You can see how your manifestation occurs at a higher level (energetically or soulfully): you chose to come here and have an experience.  If you believe that you can master that experience and move beyond it in this lifetime. Then you are setting a stage of manifestation that opens wonderful gateways.  If you doubt it is possible then so it is. 

In order to truly understand manifestation, you start with this physical life and work “back” to the soulful level. If on the physical level of life, you are always manifesting, you can see why it is important to know the flow of manifestation from soulful to emotional to physical. For example, oftentimes, people can have traumatic events happen in their life. If you have a traumatic incident in your life, the question is “Why is it in our life?” Did you manifest it at a much higher (soulful) level? Probably.  

Now then, you can ask what its purpose is.  How it is to serve you in this experience of life is important to your being able to manifest a change in your experience. If you have had an experience in this life that is very disturbing to you, you don’t want to believe that you manifested it. Although, somewhere between here and your soul, you did. Once you gain your understanding, you can manifest a new outcome!!

Traumatic events, more often than not, are part of the higher manifestation. They force you to master the experience you came to have.  But remember, you have free will. You can choose a different experience at ANY time and manifest it.  But you must believe!  

Too often people “try” to manifest a new outcome without addressing the purpose of the uncomfortable experience they wish to change.  This avoidance of the uncomfortable experience keeps it alive and influences the manifestation to stay within the experience of discomfort (in some way).  If you are willing to address the icky experience and begin the healing, then you can do that concurrently to manifest your dream.  

If you choose to partially heal or avoid the healing, you may see your life offering the same patterns and types of people over and over: ground hog’s day.  That is a form of synchronicity that offers you a clear opportunity to step into the healing and manifest a new beginning with new patterns and people!

Overall, if you believe, you can transcend the suffering, or challenges, imposed by this life. If you are willing to master those challenges that you came here to experience, then you open gateways for manifestation.  Once there, you are able to create ANYTHING you dream. Of course, what I just said is not easy!  But it is possible. Everything is possible if you believe it is! That’s the hard part. 

In conclusion, you are manifesting at all levels of existence and these parts are all entwined to make this experience called life that which you chose to experience.  But you still have a choice! Free will says you can rewrite your life at any given time.  You can manifest your dreams, always!  It simply takes belief and a willingness to heal the challenges that are a part of your purpose in this life and may be blocking your manifestations.  I wish you all a life of beautiful manifestations.

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