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What Is the Energy of Your Soul?

What is the energy of life and what does that mean?

Just about everyone talks about the soul leaving the body at the “end” of this life. What is the soul?  The soul is an energy and energy does not end.  It changes form but always has been, always will be and always is.  So that soul energy must be “something” before it enters this life.  And so it is.  It appears to be a source of and sourced from the energy of love.

The soul chooses to enter this life as an experience.  It enters at conception. That soulful energy has its own freewill.  It is the freewill that allows the soul to choose any experience it wishes to have in this lifetime. IF the soul chooses its experience then the energy of the soul is a critical part of this existence for you.

Love is abundance! It is infinite in its pure experience. Energy is abundant and forever. Abundance and love are freedom.

People mostly agree that an apparition of a passed being is energy.  An energy that takes a gentle form or image in order for you to recognize its source.  It is an energy that exists as a part of Source or Love.  It is an energy that is perceived as separate from our physical understanding of this existence.  And yet, it resides concurrently with and directly influential of our physical human experience.  It is the soul presenting to the physical world to show the unity and oneness of “life.”

Because the soul is energy, the language of the soul must also be energy. Emotion is energy until it is felt as a feeling.  Therefore, emotion is the language of the soul and is inherent in intuition and its interpretation.  As you move beyond fear and into mastery of this life, or enlightenment, you unveil a wisdom, or a knowingness, that goes beyond your physical teachings. That unveiled wisdom is the same in each individual.  This is one way we know there is validity in the wisdom. It is the wisdom that allows us to know life beyond this physical form.  The likeness of all wisdom opens you to the idea of a source of energy that is One.

Your intuition is a language of the energy realm.  It is the bridge of you in physical to the energy.  The bridge is that knowingness and intuition that allows you to communicate with the source, or one. Intellect and knowing are different.  Knowingness is wisdom.  Wisdom is the same for each person who accesses it.  Therefore, there is something beyond this physical form that allows us to know beyond this physical form.

That something is energy. The energy of love.  It is what we are and where we are “from”. It is why we all are focused on love and finding love and being in love, etc.! Within each of you, you know love, even if you have never been in a truly loving environment.  You know the ideal mother, you know the ideal feeling of love.  You know these things because at your core, you are love. 

Love is abundance! It is infinite in its pure experience. Energy is abundant and forever. Abundance and love are freedom.  The experience of freedom is an emotion or feeling.  It is an energy. Therefore, when you are looking for love in this life you are looking for freedom, abundance, and expansiveness in your life.  

So when you meet someone and you feel that connection, you may call it chemistry but it is energy.  It is the energy of life.  That energy is then felt through your body’s chemistry. So, you may ask why sometimes you feel such a strong attraction to someone who does not turn out to be that ideal partner.  It is because the “fear” in this life covers up the truth of who you are and is the part of your life attracting the partner.  Fear is always an illusion and can create illusions.  So, the familiarity of someone creates a feeling of “Wow!” inside but, eventually,  you realize that person is oh-so familiar in their patterns and styles. In this life, you learned fear.  That fear covers up the truth of you that is love.  Fear limits you and can make you feel small.  Love is expansive and can make you feel invincible.  In this case, the fear has created the familiarity and the energetic connection because you are meant to master or transcend the challenge(s) that connected you to this pattern in the first place.

That is why love of Self is so important.  The more you learn to love your Self the greater your ability to know the love that you wish to experience.  You will also learn to know the depth of love within you and that will illuminate the depth of love you wish to experience!

I want to make one more comment about the energy of life.  It is a soul’s journey.  Each life is a soul having AN experience.  People doubt this because there is no “proof.” That is mostly because science studies the physical.  It only believes in what can be seen or tested.  It is a fixed paradigm.  We have a plethora of evidence that people experience “life” after death (which means there is NO death just a transformation.) We have hypnosis that takes people to an experience elsewhere and, when we research the life described, we can find evidence of its existence.  We have memories that are of experiences elsewhere.  We have memory of our entry into this physical life.  The problem is that our current science does not like the quasi experiments needed to begin to open the doors to understanding the energy that resides within the physical body as a soul.  

In conclusion, there is an abundance of data that supports the knowingness that energy is the core of this experience. As a soul having a human experience, you can start to understand that if you ARE love then of course you are looking for love.  Then you also can begin to understand why you wish for a partnership.  Because you feel so separate, you wish to be connected and unified as one with love and through love.  I hope each of you opens your Soulful Self to the love that you are and can unite in an ideal partnership that opens the abundance of life and freedom.

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