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What Is the Definition of Love?

Pretty much everyone agrees we have a soul or some kind of life energy that runs this human body. Therefore, we all come from a source of energy. And that energy is love. Pure love. That is why we cannot have enough words to describe the myriad ways we express and experience love. That is why everyone, in their own way, is looking for love in this lifetime. So, in this article, I will talk a little about love.

Every human being, at some level, has a longing for love. Even serial criminals and murderers have a craving for love. They feel unloved more often than not. Why is it that all of us have that common denominator? Because we come from pure love. And the Soul is always looking for its way back home to that harmony, unity and oneness of love.

It is important to understand the depth, the power, and the glory of the love that defines your truth.

Because love is the truth of what you are, in this life, you will experience a deeper love and a deeper love and a deeper love. It will feel endless in how it deepens. And, on this plane, it does deepen endlessly.  Truth (not facts) and wisdom are the energy that keeps us connected to that One from where we came.

The fear you feel is there to give the illusion of being separate and to give you the opportunity, in this life, to heal those fears and thereby unveil the truth of love. It is why everyone is “looking” for love in or with another. It is in this lifetime that we experience fear. Fear is the absence of love. Love is the absence of fear. So, that place from where we come is an absence of fear and any of the fear-based emotions, also known as the fear-based energies, or the darker energies. We come from light. Love is light. The energy of all of the love-based emotions is light and expansive. Fear is dense, limiting, and dark.

In this life, your soul is having an experience separate from its existence as the energy of love.  Fear is a critical part of this existence.  It allows you to feel separate from and fearful of loss and more.  Those fears are your challenges in this life. As you choose to master or transcend those fears/challenges, you choose to unveil the truth of YOU! That truth is love.  You are in your truth when you feel joy, adoration, unity, compassion, etc.  

It is important to understand the depth, the power, and the glory of the love that defines your truth. It helps you understand why it is important to learn to love your Self so that you can truly love another and feel loved by another. If you do not love yourself then what part of you is loving another? If you do not love yourself, how do you feel and believe in the love that the other is trying to give to you? How do you assimilate or accommodate the love that abounds in your life, if you do not know that you are of love and can be loved?

For all of your life, you have “known” love and the love that YOU wish to be and experience.  This is because, profoundly, each child knows instinctively that they need to be loved. Each child knows what love feels like, intuitively. We are built upon that knowingness. It is that childhood awareness of love and unity that feeds our instinct of survival.

Love.  It is everywhere and in everything and everyone.  If there was no fear we would only know the oneness.  As you choose to master the challenges of this life, you choose to unveil the oneness of you and all.  You choose freedom, love, unity, harmony, and more.  You are love. Consequently, if you live in love, then your inside voices and thoughts would be absent of judgment or prejudice.  Your assumptions would be replaced with a knowingness and compassionate curiosity.  So, go ahead, unveil your truth of love!  This is a great time to start!

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