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Coveting Calm ~ TRANSCEND

Today I’m going to focus on the topic of transcending your fear. Especially as it relates to the pandemic. And I’m going to do this by quoting my upcoming book, The Sage’s Template.

“The experiences of this life are either fear-based and uncomfortable or love-based and comfortable.  Most everyone is looking to feel comfortable and in a “good” place, so what is the purpose of this dual format of experiencing?  By design, in this life, you will experience fear. Fear is what creates the illusion of separation. It is through the knowing and then transcending of fear or suffering that you are able to experience the truth of who you are.”

Given the choice, no one would choose to be exposed to a highly contagious and possibly life-threatening virus that could shut down life as you know it on a global scale. Let’s face it, you prefer to live free from overwhelming challenges and the gnawing feeling of defeat. You prefer a life where you can sleep peacefully through the night instead of staring at the ceiling worrying about the security of your job, how to pay next month’s rent or mortgage, your family’s health and well-being, and how to find those scarce but essential supplies.

Life isn’t about avoiding challenges or fear. It is about moving through those obstacles to experience your truth. Only then can you feel free.

Watch this 60-second video on how to transcend fear and embrace the true you.


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