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The Sage's Template™

Freedom. Peace. Happiness

The SAGE’s Template™ is Kristen’s proprietary process of teaching communication and the simple duality of life, its truth and its mastery. Inspired by shamanic healers, psychoanalytic theory, and life teachings, she created the template to illuminate a simpler and more concise way for everyone to learn how to attain greater freedom, communicate openly in your relationships, and find peace and happiness. Kristen has been using her template for well over a decade with clients and groups with overwhelming acceptance of the template and its uses. As a result, she decided to display and teach the template in a book that allows the masses to gain a glimpse of her teachings with this simple tool.

The Sage's Template™: A Guide to Personal Freedom

Within these pages, you will discover diagrams, descriptions, and more that will reveal the truths and freedom of life and the purpose of its blocks and challenges. It presents a style of communication that can open you to your freedom. This book allows you to become familiar with the template as the cornerstone to Kristen’s life-mastery teachings. Happiness, love and freedom are the most sought after experiences in this life. It is, therefore, important to see things clearly and simply as does the wise sage. In her new book, Kristen Bomas simplifies the mystery of life’s purpose and its challenges and helps the reader to begin revealing the truth of self.

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