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Coveting Calm ~ Live for Today

With recent events related to COVID-19 and sheltering-in-place, the world has become an unsure, scary, and stressful place. Over the last few weeks your daily routine most likely transformed into a life you barely recognize. You wonder how things you once took for granted – your home, job, relationship, and health, to name a few – became so precarious. It stands to reason, that this uncertain environment has caused your anxiety to spike. You barely know what day it is, and tomorrow doesn’t look much better. So how can you possibly live in “the now”?

May I suggest, there’s no better time to live for today than in this very moment? Think about it. Yes, you might be pulling your hair out trying to get your child logged in to his or her virtual classes. That frustration is based upon imposed expectations that take you away from the present experience. How wonderful would it feel to soak in every precious moment of your shared school learning as well as your family dinner conversation? Imagine the joy of snuggling up on the couch to watch your favorite movie with no worries about those challenges you’ll face tomorrow. 

The pandemic is currently a part of our lives. By stressing about it, you are essentially sabotaging those special memories in the making. Fear (or stress) is of the past.  When it infiltrates your present you are no longer living in “the now”. Keep in mind that living in the present is a peaceful, loving experience. There is an openness and a clarity in “the now”. Your world becomes filled with compassion, acceptance, joy, and love. 

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