This book guides you to a style of communication that opens you to your soulful purpose and to growth in Self and your relationships. It is through the communication with Self that you will learn to define the experiences you wish to have.

-Kristen Bomas

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In her dynamic new work, The Journey of a Sage, renowned South Florida therapist and life mastery coach Kristen Bomas turns traditional psychology on its head with a game-changing approach that invites readers to live beyond the fears that inhibit the path of inner freedom.

“The Journey of a Sage not only will help you take that step, but it will open doors you never knew were closed,” Kristen writes. “It will allow you to master your life instead of floundering in its shadows.”

Kristen guides readers through the teachings she’s developed over nearly three decades of private practice, as well as during her own personal journey. Along the way, the licensed psychotherapist has fine-tuned The Sage’s Template™, a tool that she incorporates into her acclaimed work.

With each chapter, Kristen reveals the elements that comprise The Sage’s Template™. Her easily accessible explanations of concepts fundamental to the Template—like love is always truth, external “Other” factors, and the difference between fear-based and love-based emotions—seamlessly build upon one another.

Ultimately, readers will put the Template into practice with a true understanding of Self that gives them the ability to become a confident observer of life, extract the wisdom from day-to-day interactions, and define the experiences they wish to have.

As Kristen is fond of saying, “Mastering life has nothing to do with rigorous control. And everything to do with curious investigation.”


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What started for Kristen Bomas in 1995 as a private practice steeped in traditional psychology has evolved into a thoughtful, life-altering approach to therapy and life mastery that invites people to embark on the healing road less traveled.

incorporating elements of everything from clinical to spiritual, Kristen a developed a tool called The Sage's Template™, which she has provided to countless clients as a framework for dealing with the most complex of all relationships—the one between your Self and your universe. With the release of The Journey of a Sage, the University of Florida graduate pours three decades of experience, reflection, curiosity and wisdom into a powerful blueprint that can help people "master their most crushing challenges, unveil their wisdom, and revel in the understanding it brings."

Learn to surrender to life as a river surrenders to its flow.

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