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The Monthly Challenge: INDEPENDENCE

Gain Independence from that which Keeps You from Your Freedom

I’m talking about feeling that freedom from that which holds you back. Independence from those challenges or blocks that limit your freedom in some way. So how do you break free from those limitations or fears? Take a moment to ask yourself what those blocks are. The first part of the challenge is to become aware of what things might be influencing you in a limited way. Do you have a fear of something? Are you uncomfortable in some situations? Do you really want to do something but you hesitate to do it? Are you not going after your dream in the way you would really like to? Are the relationships in your life not as fulfilling as you would like them to be? Those are the things I invite you  to explore this month. So, daily, I will prompt you with posts that will look at various aspects of life. I’m going to keep them somewhat general so it will give you the opportunity to see where it may fit in your life.

I’m going to do something a little different!  I thought I would offer you the opportunity to take on a challenge this month. That challenge is going to be reflected in what July is about — July 4th!  Our Independence Day. It is a day to celebrate our freedom. And so, we celebrate freedom in America, but how about we look at ourselves this month and find an independence of, or a breaking free from, those challenges that block us from really experiencing freedom in this life.  I don’t use the word independence much at all, because none of us are truly independent individuals. Everything in this life is it interdependent therefore no one is independent but can be self-sufficient. Consequently, I am not talking about independence in your life in that way. 

In addition to those posts, there are, of course, the morning mantras posted each morning. You can use the mantras each day to open to some aspect of your life. 

I hope you decide to take the challenge this month. You may choose to work on one block or two and really see what you can do to release it between now and the end of the month to feel greater freedom. Happiness is from within you. It doesn’t come from things “out there” —  that’s feeling happy.  If you got a new something you may be feeling happy in the moment but happiness a state within which you live. It is joy. It’s a constant. You will still feel all the emotions, but you have a constant experience internally of being joyous and happy! That’s freedom and that comes from really loving yourself.  Do you enjoy the company you keep? Once you begin to mitigate some of these blocks, you will open your level of freedom. 

And so I offer you the Challenge of Independence! Welcome to July.  I hope you enjoy this opportunity. Thank you for joining me on Facebook and Instagram as we work toward independence from those challenges that keep us from our own freedom.

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