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New Year of 2015

It is the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. I truly wish you all a year of abundance and balance. That means you all must be able to make your dreams come true!! Last year I wrote about New Years’ Resolutions and gave some suggestions for making the goal a reality. This year I am going to talk about how things must end in order for new things to be created. Before you read on, take a few minutes and make a list (even if abbreviated) of your New Years’ Resolutions.


Let me begin. In order for this minute to exist the previous minute must end. In life, we tend to hold onto things, feelings, perceptions, ideals that no longer allow us to prosper. These attachments serve you in some way and it is important to know how. It is the attachment, or holding on, to “stuff” that does not allow the new goal/wish to begin or to withstand time.


We must let go of 2014 to invite in 2015. We must say goodbye. We all had challenges and achievements. All of them were gifts. We must say goodbye to what was so we can build the dream of what is. We must say goodbye so that the gifts of all of those past experiences can open new doors. We cannot say goodbye if we are attached to the “stuff”. What stops you from letting go?


This year has an overall meaning of abundance and balance but also includes goals, prosperity, self confidence and more. That means that the opposite can also become prominent if you have challenges in those areas. As examples, you must let go of your hidden beliefs of lack in order to step into the flow of abundance; you must let go of your hidden beliefs of not receiving in order to become lean in an area of life; you must let go of fears in order to have balance.


Now ask your Self what you must be willing to release in order to create each of your new goals/wishes. I invite you to think about and understand the letting-go portion of manifesting your goals so that you can begin your journey toward your dreams. Take your time. List every thought, expectation, learning, judgment, etc. that needs to be released, that needs to end, in order for the new resolution to begin. We cannot live in the present if we are anchored in the past. We cannot create a new beginning if we are holding onto what was.


This New Year is a grand opportunity for each of you. Embrace it. Face it. Create it. Do not allow your Self to be seduced into experiences you do not wish to have. Take charge of your dreams. Know your Self and what you wish to experience. Believe in the goals you write. Then begin by saying goodbye to all of that which you learned to hold onto because others’ needed you to agree with them. You are now poised for a magical new year of great beginnings in your life.


I wish you all a great New Year. One in which all of your dreams become clear and begin to manifest as your reality. Life is grand, it is freedom. I hope you all feel its embrace in this new year.


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