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Kristen Bomas looks to share her wisdom of life mastery through her writings. Her focus stems from the simple life model of The Sage's Template™, developed through her deep understanding of personal connections, overcoming challenges and blocks, and open communication. Kristen loves life and loves people. She writes in an effort to open that medium for interaction and communication with everyone! She hopes to awaken and inspire each and everyone’s deeper spiritual healing and growth by sharing her work.

Her writings take many forms, from reflections of personal experiences and current events in The Weekly Pondering Blog, to practical and educational step-by-step analyses and solutions to everyday topics in her eBooks, to personalized answers to your questions in the Ask Kristen forum. Her current endeavor is finishing and publishing her fully-encompassing book The Sage's Template™: A Guide to Personal Freedom. In her book, Kristen simplifies the mystery of life's challenges and reveals the Truth of Self.

Kristen is very interested in any topics or thoughts you may have. Begin your dialogue now, she looks very forward to hearing from you.

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