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There are many forms of meditation, each one with a different purpose. Kristen utilizes this powerful form of healing as a means of further teaching about the mind, body and spirit connection. All meditations are available for you FREE! DOWNLOAD NOW!!! 

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These are quick meditations that can be used at any time. By learning to meditate for a brief amount of time, you are training your body to create a relaxation response. I have structured these meditations to have a brief relaxation followed by a topic-driven meditation and closure. The entire experience will be relaxing and healing when used repeatedly or regularly.

5 Min Meditation – Receiving

5 Min Meditation – Money

5 Min Meditation – Home

5 Min Meditation – Gratitude

5 Min Meditation – Body


A statement made repeatedly frequently. It is a positive statement made in the here and now with meaning for healing or manifestation. It is repeated at least 20 times each time you implement the meditation. The meditation can be done repeatedly throughout the day because it can be spoken anywhere and at any time. As the statement is spoken repeatedly it sends the mind into a focused trance-like state allowing the mind and body to relax into the statement and, therefore, empowering it to take on an existence.



Often learning to meditate can be frustrating. When there is a voice from outside that guiding the experience, often people are able to allow their interrupting thoughts to enter and leave as they reconnect with the external voice. The guide will walk you through the experience. You will experience a very peaceful and safe place. It is through the experience that you will find your answers. These guided meditations can be used daily to enhance your spiritual essence in this physical life.

Meadow Guided Meditation


The essence of life is the breath. Conscious breathing is a form of meditation but also is a critical part of meditation. To be conscious of your breath is to be aware of your Self and your internal experience. It brings you back to the present and how everything is ok within. As a part of meditating, breath is very important to the relaxation. It is what allows the CO2 buildup in your blood to be broken down because it enriches the oxygen content in the blood.

Breathing Meditation for Anxiety-->


An altered state of consciousness used by shamans for healing and gaining insight into life, seen and unseen. A form of percussion is traditionally used to create the trance state and to carry the soul to a different reality or world. It is a joyful path to regaining harmony and balance in our lives and in relation to others and Earth. It promotes opening the power within, spurring self-growth, opening your spirit and understanding life challenges.


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