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About Kristen

Kristen Bomas

Kristen's Specialty

Kristen Bomas' involvement with coaching clients and executives, creating and conducting workshops, speaking at community and corporate events, and authoring several books gives her a comprehensive perspective into the life-based Truth of Self that connects us all. Kristen's work personally and professionally led to her creation of The Sage's Template™. The template simplifies the mastery of life's challenges and reveals the Truth of Self. Her book The Sage's Template™: A Guide to Personal Freedom allows the reader to get a taste of her teachings and a glimpse of their life's purpose and what they can do to attain true freedom in this life.

Kristen's Beginnings

Kristen began with a focus in the field of psychology. Her psychoanalytic studies addressed the deep human interaction that Kristen believes are necessary for healing. She began her studies in aggression and criminal psychology while she worked in the state prison and juvenile delinquency systems. Through her love of sports and her previous background in aggressive behavior, she chose to focus her work on athletes' experience when they play an aggressive sport and then get physical in their personal and social lives. This led to Kristen developing a new program for athletes that addressed and disseminated their aggression while on the field or court. Her work with the athletes lead to a deeper understanding of their aggression and how it was anchored in past traumatic experiences and exacerbated by alcohol and/or drugs. Her professional interests then expanded into trauma and substance-abuse treatment. Since 1987, Kristen has been working with substance abuse and addiction, trauma and aggression.

In 1995 she opened the doors to her private practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. During her first years, her clients were healing their life's challenges and, consequently, began exploring life beyond the traditional limits of psychology. Kristen's intuitive nature as well as her own healing allowed her to see beyond the imposed definitions of life to reveal the inner nature to which we are all connected. This deeper understanding lead to the development of her life-mastery template, The Sage's Template™.

Kristen Today

Today, Kristen continues to operate a successful practice in South Florida and now is ready to release her book, The Sage's Template™: A Guide to Personal Freedom. The wisdom in The Sage's Template™ ignites a new culture of successful life mastery by the method of clear communication and simply expressing one's own true nature, their Truth of Self. She is excited to share her teachings and wisdom of developing inner peace with Self, others, and life by the means of this book, keynote speaking, and workshops across the country.

Kristen's Gratitude

Kristen would like to extend her heart-felt gratitude to Dr. Harry Grater, her doctoral chair at University of Florida, for showing her the depth of a person's life and source of a challenge. She also feels deep gratitude to the Shamans (of 4 continents) whose guidance and teachings have opened her understanding of healing the body, mind, and spirit as one.

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