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The 6 Steps To Permanently Changing A Belief

The book describes 6 steps you can take to grow beyond those beliefs that hold you back from your dreams in life. Whether those are your romantic, career, or life dreams, the blocks that do not allow the manifestation of your dreams start with a belief that was taught to you and was not congruent with who you are in truth. May you each find freedom beyond your old beliefs!

The Sage's Template™: A Guide to Personal Freedom

Within the pages of The SAGE’s Template: A Guide to Personal Freedom, you will find diagrams, descriptions, and more that will reveal the truths and freedom of life and the purpose of its blocks and challenges. It presents a style of communication that can open you to your freedom. This book allows the reader to become familiar with the template as the cornerstone to Kristen’s life-mastery teachings. Of the many things sought after in this life, most frequent is happiness and freedom. It is, therefore, important to see things clearly and simply as does the wise sage. In her new book, Kristen Bomas simplifies the mystery of life’s challenges and reveals the truth of self.

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