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What is The Sage’s Template?

The law of attraction says that if we think it, see it and say it, it is ours. It says we attract that which we put out. That is a law of life. We have known it for all of time. So why is it that so many people don’t think it works? In this blog we are going to address what influences the things you attract and why you may not be receiving what you think you’re trying to attract. We will also look at mastery of manifestation by using a tool I have designed, The Sage’s Template™, to help you start to unravel the blocks to attracting what you desire.

We come from energy. Our core essence (the soul) is that of energy. Energy attracts energy or repels energy. Attraction and repulsion are energy. If you fear something you can push what you mean to be manifesting away or create that fear. If you love and believe in something you can attract it to you and create it. That is the essence of the law of attraction.

The Sage’s Template is a tool that allows you to start to see where you may have a fear. It allows you to start with your emotions and work those up to your thoughts.

Our emotions are energy. They are the language of the soul. Our soul is constantly feeding us fear-based emotions that limit the soul or love-based emotions where the soul feels expansive. Out of all of the emotions that are happening on a constant basis, only some of those create thoughts; of all the levels of thoughts in your head, only some of those thoughts have words attached to them; out of all the words that are attached to thoughts in your head, only a few of those are spoken.  

So, as you can see, the energy of our being goes far beyond our cognition. Most of our cognition consists of those thoughts that have words attached. Maybe not spoken but they have words attached. Consequently, we become unconscious of what we are truly attracting and creating in our lives.

Unfortunately, many teachers of the law of attraction keep us at a very cognitive level. They may have us do visualizations and vision boards but they mostly keep us thinking about what is going on. Positive thoughts are preached. You hear “keep thinking about the dream you want to create” and “keep changing your language so that it is positive.” Most of what we create comes from our intentions, and those lie deep beneath our cognitions.

Yet, you want to know what you are creating and you think you do know what you’re creating. Therefore, many people think the law of attraction doesn’t work because they’re not creating what they thought they were creating. Writing this makes me smile because it sounds so repetitive, and it is. The reason we don’t create what we think we are creating is because something is interfering in our thoughts. That something could be feelings of doubt, fear, old beliefs, etc. All are anchored in some sort of fear. It interrupts the dream you think you are creating.

In some cases you can even manifest a nightmare! Therein lies the problem with cognitive manifesting! You didn’t think that was what you were trying to do. We may think we know what we’re doing, but what is really hidden underneath those thoughts? What are your intentions? What are the old beliefs that continue to infiltrate and sabotage your dreams?

The Sage’s Template is a tool that allows you to start to see where you may have a fear. It allows you to start with your emotions and work those up to your thoughts. It guides you toward seeing where you learned certain thoughts, beliefs and doubts. All that interrupts your dream from manifesting comes from what you learned somewhere at some time.  Once you use The Sage’s Template to identify what parts of your dream are strongly anchored in your love and truth and what parts are still carrying fear and doubt,  you want to start to identify the old belief that comes out of the fear and doubt.

I would recommend my short e-book Stop Judging Your Self: Transform Old Beliefs in 6 Steps. It helps you understand what the old beliefs are and from where they came. Once you can start to identify them you have weakened their hold on your dream. Now you’re ready to really start to manifest your dream and not your nightmare.

In conclusion, the law of attraction is something that exists in the truth of life. You are always creating your life around you. Where you have challenges you have perpetuated old fears and beliefs. Where you experience joy and pleasure you have created from a rhythm of love, truth, and joy. In using The Sage’s Template you begin to understand where the challenges may be infiltrating your manifestation and where your truth is strengthening your manifestation. Then, you have six steps at your disposal, to begin identifying and dismantling the old beliefs that sabotage the manifestation of the dream. I wish for all of you that your dreams come true.

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