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Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Actually Expectations?

Every New Year’s Eve people set resolutions. Those resolutions, more often than not, have expectations attached to them. Even setting resolutions on New Year’s Eve is an expectation that society puts upon the holiday. Are resolutions similar to the law of attraction? Or can they be? In this blog we will look at your New Year’s resolutions, the law of attraction, and how this time of year pulls those to the forefront of our lives.

Each New Year’s Eve, it is traditional for people to clarify resolutions for the new year. Oftentimes, they share them with one another. Those resolutions can be a form of manifesting a dream, or a part of a dream. It is using the law of attraction. Those resolutions can also be goals. Goals can also be a form of manifesting. They can be either a step in the process of or a tool in manifesting a dream.  (That will be discussed in a future blog.)

When setting your resolutions, see the outcome or goal of your resolution. State your resolution as if it is.

Far too often, New Year’s resolutions are anchored in the expectations of others. How do we know if our resolutions are anchored in expectations? Listen to your thoughts and to statements you make to others or yourself. Are you using the word should or need to or have to? Those terms will alert you to the fact that this is an expectation.

Why is this important?  An expectation says it’s something that others see that you need to do. It tells you that there is something incongruent with what you are setting as a resolution and what you want for yourself. For example, a man may set a resolution to lose weight and says, “My goal is to lose weight.  I really need to lose 15 pounds.” That tells him that while he feels uncomfortable with his weight, possibly because of external judgment or something he’s been told by somebody else,  he is also hesitant to start the weight-loss process.

He may not know what that hesitation is, but if he hears the expectation, he can start to explore his Self. Expectations show you something is not a match to how you feel inside.

If you are interested in self mastery or life mastery, those thoughts allow you the opportunity to explore your Self and any fears or fear-based emotions, and old beliefs. As you heal those inner most lingering experiences, you will find that your thoughts change and you will just simply do what you wish to do and, therefore, experience what you wish to experience. If you want to lose weight, you simply will.

So, expectations are one way to be alerted that there are old beliefs, doubts, or fears lingering in the background of your desires. Those are the culprits that sabotage your dreams. The law of attraction says that if you can feel it, sense it, know it, see it, and intend it to be, then so it is. If everything from your intention, to your thoughts, to your vision, to your knowing is in alignment, then you will manifest the dream. Interruptions on the in-between of those processes will either sort or slow down the manifestation of the dream.

When setting your resolutions, see the outcome or goal of your resolution. State your resolution as if it is. State it as if it is in the present and exists. If you put it into the future, it will stay in the future. State your resolution or desire clearly. If you leave it vague you will get vague in return. Finally, show gratitude in your statement and resolution. So, your resolutions need to be concise, clear, in the present, filled with gratitude, and in alignment with your own beliefs. At that point you can feel the confidence that you will manifest the desired outcome.

Listen for any expectations and feel any doubt that may exist as you state your resolutions. The more you can acknowledge that which hinders or interferes with the dream and the success of the dream, the quicker you can be successful.

This is the time of year for manifestation. Beginning with the winter solstice all the way through New Year’s Eve and the new moon of the new year, the energy is in alignment with manifestation. The winter solstice (see previous blog) is that time of year where we most manifest our dreams for the upcoming year.

The new moon in the new year is our first opportunity to manifest using the energy of the moon. So the winter solstice will use the energy of the sun and the first new moon of the new year will use the energy of the moon and the calendar of the earth. Even though the calendar is man-made it carries its own vibration and energy. So when you start to align the manifestation at winter solstice, your New Year’s resolutions, and your manifestation on the first new moon of the new year you have put great energy into your dreams.

In conclusion, you can see that New Year’s resolutions and the law of attraction are very much the same. The expectations that surround New Year’s resolutions tend, in many ways, to thwart their successes. So allow yourself to see your New Year’s resolution as a significant energetic statement that opens you to the manifestation of that goal. See it happening! 

Take any expectations or other fears or doubts that may linger in the background of your resolutions and acknowledge them, write them down, and release them as best you can. Just being conscious of them will help open the doors to manifesting your dream rather than thwarting it.  May each of you open up this new year with your dreams becoming a reality.

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