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Know Your SELF – Courage and Bravery

To discover your Self, bravery and courage are present. Much like the courage and bravery it to to discover and create America. Self-discovery is a part of self-mastery and asks that you go toward the unknown aspects of you and life. Often, discovering your self feels like the adventure of discovering new territory.  Yet, you know who you are in truth, but you hid that part of you long ago. Let’s look at how your courage can help you step into discovering your Self!

Because this life is designed to be fraught with challenges, self-discovery takes the courage and willingness to embrace those challenges in order to transcend them.  You will want to access the willingness to accept your fear, its limitations, and resistances.  You will access the strength within to move beyond your defenses.  You will find the courage to stand in the fire and not back down until you have risen from the ashes like a Phoenix Rising.

Self-discovery must begin with an awareness of your self and your life.  What is it that is not bringing fulfillment and joy?  Are you able to gain a further awareness of what is not working and make the changes?  Awareness of the challenges themselves is also very important.  To be able to expand your awareness of how certain challenges and limitations are affecting your life is the greatest first step in your healing and self-discovery.

Self-discovery takes the courage to look at your choices in life and to not judge them but ask why you made them.  You have free will in this life and beyond.  So, to observe your choices is to begin making changes in how you choose.  Remember, every choice is the right choice for where you are in your life.  Therefore, if the choice doesn’t feel right for you then that is an opportunity for change and growth. It is the opportunity to discover more about you, in truth.

The bravery in you will come to the surface when you learn to surrender to life on life’s terms.  To surrender into life is to allow life to speak to you and let that be a guide for you.  It is to understand that things may not happen in your timeline and to accept it.  It is about knowing your dreams and taking the steps to pave the way toward them but allowing your Self to feel the assistance of life and it’s guidance.

It takes strength and courage to see inside your self where you are allowing the ego to lead your way, knowing that the ego is the persona of fear.  It is about staying inside your Self and knowing the experience you wish to have and making it happen.  In order to do that, you must have the courage to feel your emotions and reactions in this life – not to use them but to know your Self.  It is from your knowing of your Self that you will learn to speak your truth which is simply stating your experience at any given time.  It takes courage to NOT tell others about them but to teach them about you!

You can see the courage and bravery that is a part of discovery of Self!  Just like any discovery, it takes the strength to go into new territory in life.  That bravery, courage and strength exist in you or you would not be looking at this article.  So, I wish you the embrace of your courage so that you may soar through the excitement of discovery of YOU!

Self discovery takes courage to have the willingness to open inwardly to find the truth of all that you are. In order to discover yourself you must be willing to acknowledge the challenges to move beyond know that there is a greater you within one who does not take things personally. There is a willingness to move beyond your defenses the courage to see life on life‘s terms the bravery to transcend the challenges. Once you brave the first few battles of self discovery you open yourself to a beautiful freedom that you can feel. It’s at that point that you don’t turn back. Self discovery is opening you to the truth of all that you are. In that truth you are joyous excepting kind altruistic compassionate and so much more. As you move into discovering yourself humility on the ego. As we move beyond the ego there’s even more freedom. Have the courage to believe in yourself

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