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Challenges Strengthen a Partnership

A romantic life partnership is composed of two individuals. Each is at the center of their own infinite life. Let me explain. A person’s life is like a matrix, infinitely expansive. Each crosshatch in the matrix is a challenge in this lifetime and each challenge point is another matrix. Consequently, the individual stands in the middle of an infinite matrix composed of infinite matrices. In a partnership, you have two infinite matrices, if you will. So you aren’t going to become one. One person is not the completion of another. One person is not the right arm of another. Each individual is complete in and of their Self. The two individuals connect to one another to create a greater whole.

That is a very intimate connection. It is a connection that allows the flow of life to move between the two lives. Consequently, in order to continue growing in a true partnership, the two individuals must learn to communicate. What that means is that when either of the individuals experience a challenge, the challenge is put in front of the two individuals sitting or standing side-by-side observing that challenge. Because individuals have infinite challenges, a partnership will include an infinite set of challenges. In fact, the greater the partnership the deeper the wounds that can be healed. Which means that the challenges that come to the surface can appear to weigh heavy on the partnership.

So it takes two individuals willing to sit side-by-side, as a team, looking at each challenge that arises as another opportunity to heal and move further into the infinity of their lives together. It takes two individuals willing to explore themselves and the other. It takes two individuals willing to be explored by the other. It takes a willingness to eliminate all assumptions about the other. Knowing, in their self that they do not know what is happening inside the other until they ask.

An ideal partnership lasts at least a lifetime. Because the infinity of life keeps the adventure ongoing for both parties. May you all find the infinity in your love relationships!

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