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Prejudice And Hate: A Response To Coca-Cola’s Beautiful Commercial


I am not making a political statement nor am I making a statement regarding our immigration policy. I am making a statement about the righteousness of the American people when they believe, egotistically, that they have the right to hate the diversity of fellow Americans! It is that very diversity that gave us the opportunity to be free!!


Why do people hate? As Americans we are a culture and country created of people from multiple countries. So when did we decide to hate the very diversity that defines us? If “we judge only in the way we are fearful of being judged“, then what does that say about all of those who are showing hate for diverse individuals these days?


The only people who are truly American and are not descendants from another nation are the Native American Indians! No one needs to doubt that! And yet, those who are showing hate towards people who are from other countries are the same people hating the native Indians!! That suggests that they are fearful of anyone different than their Selves. That puts them in a very dark force and removes them from their light.


Prejudice has always been seen as black magic, or what today some call evil. It goes against the rhythm of life and life’s teachings. It goes against the human rights of another. It is pure fear iced with ignorance. In this country we have freedom of speech. It is that very freedom of speech that, when used to spew dark prejudice, imprisons the speaker. It’s ironic how people will use their freedom to imprison themselves. Furthermore, those feelings of hate or prejudice are only within the person feeling them. Those emotions are eating at the very heart of those who speak the harsh words. To make it even more sad, those very people who are speaking such hurt, experience a desire for unconditional love and acceptance in their own lives!


America is built upon and defined by the most high spiritual principles. Have we forgotten that? Have we decided we’re not capable of living up to that? Instead of standing in a state of fearful, fragmenting, hatred, why can’t we choose to stand in unity, harmony, and love? When we go against the people IN this nation, we go against the people OF this nation and we go against the very virtues and integrity of the nation itself. So when you tell the Americans who have migrated here from elsewhere to go back to their countries you are in essence telling the nation to go to hell.


To those of you who choose to hate, I offer you a challenge. If you think you have such strength to hate then do you have such strength to accept and do you have such strength to understand that the soul is the truth that lives on. And do you have the strength to heal your spirit from the very fears and fear-based thoughts or experiences so that you may find true freedom in this life. After all, we are all one.


Thank you, Coca-Cola for your inspiration and your grounding in life’s principles. You are teaching a nation to be free!

Thanksgiving Remembrance

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so very thankful for all of you who are reading my writings and for your comments!! I am also very thankful for all who have paved the way for the freedom I am able to experience in this life and in this country!


Thanksgiving originated as that experience when pilgrims and natives shared and celebrated abundance, freedom, and unity. For many of us, this is a time to express our thanks for freedom and so much more in our lives. And, so, I would like to offer some of my thoughts.


This country is founded on unity that is defined by it’s diversity and it’s people. So, our forefathers developed a bifurcated system of democrats and republicans to allow for the diversity and the unity to exist through a dualistic model. They were wise. (As a side, life presents in a dualistic model: we know there is an up because there is a down; we know there is an inside because there is an outside.)


I would like to suggest that we remember that our freedom is built upon our differences and let’s be thankful for that. I ask for a day when we do not judge, criticize or hate because “they” are not of our party. I am not sure when or why the two parties became so hateful and brutal. we are not an offense and a defense! Whether Democrat or Republican, we are all Americans. I truly hope that on this day we can all be grateful that we have diversity and be thankful that we can all have our own beliefs, opinions, heritage and religions. … I am thankful that we are a free nation and a free people.


My second thought comes from the fact that much of our forefathers’ expanded thoughts and creations came from interactions with the natives. Unfortunately, our freedom came at the expense of another’s loss of freedom — our Native Indians and our warriors. Let us be grateful to the Native Americans as we celebrate this Thanksgiving for they were an integral part of our forefathers’ beliefs and courage. As examples, Benjamin Franklin was enamored by the democracy and liberty that defined the Iroquois and Mohawk tribes; and, it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote, “I am convinced that those societies (as the Indians) which live without government enjoy in their general mass an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who live under European governments.” This holiday has notoriously not been a pleasant day of thanks for the Native Americans. Our Veterans know better than most the sacrifices made for our freedoms. They have fought and served us always. Yet, let us not forget them and their families as we give thanks and gratitude for our lives on this American Holiday called Thanksgiving!


I truly am grateful for all of you and for your willingness to support me. You will all be part of my Thanksgiving. i am so grateful to be an American and to have the luxuries and freedom that we are offered in this life ! Thank you! May you all have a Thanksgiving that is full of love, abundance, and joy!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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