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Show Your Colors

This month trees’ leaves change to colors.  Beautiful colors.  Colors that no one knew were there when the leaves were all green.  Colors that no one knew were there when there were no leaves and the tree was barren.  And yet here they are. 

There are times in life when you are lost in your challenges and your colors are missing completely.  You are in a gray, sad space.  No one knows who you are beyond the pain you are experiencing.  And yet, you are beautiful colors beyond the gray pain.

There are times when you are participating in life and showing a happy face and yet the experiences are mostly superficial and similar over and over.  Patterns remain the same, days remain the same, people remain the same.  People think they know you but they do not.  They only know the part of you that participates in the same old stuff.

Then there is YOU!  In truth!  A beautiful array of colors unique to you!  Colors that deny the old beliefs and patterns that were put upon you.  Colors that speak of your dreams.  Colors that are bright with freedom as you wish to experience it.  Those are YOUR colors.  They are the description of you as you know yourself to be, in truth. 

This month, I challenge you to push beyond the day-to-day experiences that are so predictable and find the unique colors within your Self that make each day an adventure.  Choose color.  Choose to move beyond gray or similar (as expected).  Be You, uniquely you.  Free. In this month of October, identify your colors and Show Your Colors!!  One drop of color at a time.

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