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Coveting Calm ~ GRATITUDE

While sheltering-in-place from COVID-19, you no doubt experienced trials and tribulations each day. Sometimes those challenges can feel overwhelming. Especially if you’ve lost your job, lost someone close to you, or don’t know how you’re going to meet your financial obligations. Maybe your stress is related to different sources, as you juggle your work and home life; fill in as your children’s teacher; or worry about your health or those of your loved ones.

Yes, the pandemic has a way of sneaking into your psyches and blowing your stress, fear, and commitments out of control. On the flip side, if you’re reading these words…you have endless reasons to feel grateful. That’s why I encourage you to take a few moments, every morning for your Self. Take time before the kids get up, before you start exercising, before you start working from your home office, and even before you brew that first cup of coffee. I offer you one simple exercise that can change the way you think about today, and every day moving forward. In fact, I encourage you to keep a pen and a pad of paper on your bedside table – or type your answers into your phone’s notepad, if you prefer to take the digital route. Each morning, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then write down 10 things you are grateful for. I promise you, by engaging in this quick exercise you will begin to feel the experience of gratitude within you.

Watch my 2-minute video to infuse more gratitude into your day:

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