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Article Featured in Huffington Post

I had the honor of contributing to an article that was featuring in Huffington Post. The article What It’s Like To Support A Sibling With A Mental Illness by Stephanie Hallett asked several different experts their thoughts on how an person can best take care of their sibling as well as them self:


Part of the reason learning about your sibling’s illness is so helpful is that it allows you to let go of expectations around how your sibling “should” behave according to social standards. Kristen Bomas, a therapist, author and speaker based in South Florida, notes that holding onto expectations — and wanting your mentally ill sibling to comply — creates stress in your relationship and can exacerbate your sibling’s symptoms.

“Expectations are laden in external influences. External influences are laden with judgment,” she explains. “Therefore, the siblings cannot grow a compassionate relationship” when expectations are present.


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