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Seeing Light within Light: The Illusion of the Eclipse

If you glanced at the eclipse with the naked eye, you saw the sliver of sun amidst the ball of light of the sun. You are light amidst light. On this plane, you experience dark as a way to define the light. We see things as separate: you and me, day and night, fear and love. In truth, there is no fear. Fear is illusion. The darkness always leads to the light. Light will always squelch dark. You learn fear but enter into this life as love.


The moon shines as light because it reflects the light of the sun. Yesterday, the moon blocked the light of the sun. It did not squelch the light, it blocked it. The dark cannot squelch the light. The sun shined bright beyond the illusion of darkness. To the naked eye, the ball of light continued to glow even though the day appeared a bit “darker”. Such an illusion.


So, this time in life is about going within and releasing the darkness of your fears and challenges. Your fears, once you shed light upon them, can disappear. They can be unlearned and in their place you become the love you are. The eclipse offers each of us the opportunity to go within and release the pain and darkness (eclipse) of our challenges that we learned in this life and to create a new beginning (new moon) of love and acceptance. It is a time to begin to see your Self as light among light, and to see fear, hurt, pain, hate, anger and differences as only an eclipse to your own and others’ light, love, unity and sameness.


Would you be able to see me as separate from you if we were nothing but sparks making a ball of light? Would you be able to see me as separate from you if there was not darkness to create the illusion of space so you could know which spark of light is you versus me? Imagine that this is how we began: two sparks of light from the same source. No difference and yet different. Nothing to judge. Nothing to hate. Light among light.


Light: A world of love and togetherness.


  1. love it, extremely well said

    Comment by Scott Byrne —

  2. Beautiful.

    Comment by Phyllis B. —

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