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Aggression Abounds


Have you noticed how much aggression there is in our everyday experience? Turn on the TV for 10 minutes and you are bombarded. Watch video games and it’s everywhere. Social media is plagued with bullying. Trending topics most days includes at least one story of aggression. Most comments on any controversial topic are angry aggressive comments/opinions/ judgments. Road rage can be seen regularly. Crime is on the rise. Where will it stop? Why has it increased?


Obviously the two last questions are rhetoric. But what if each of us begins to ask ourselves those questions? Is it possible that it opens us to possibly creating an answer? YES!


There is clearly a shift taking place on this earth. There is fragmentation of cultures occurring around the world. Here in America there is fragmentation of our relationships, beliefs, sexes, political parties, and more. Unity is peace. Fragmentation is opposition. In which environment would you like to experience life?


Most of us would like to experience life in peace and fulfillment. Most would like to feel the acceptance by others and their surroundings. So if each of us asks those 2 little above-posed questions, eventually the answers will be unveiled. We will be looking for and asking for the cessation of the aggression rather than the being engaged by the seduction of it.


Let me mention 2 thoughts about behavior. First, anytime we wish to change behavior or extinguish behavior, we have to endure the increase in the old behavior before the cessation or change in behavior occurs. Second, a fearful people are a following people and a loving accepting people are a thinking people. Freedom is exists within each of us and is accessed by our ability to think and express our Selves truthfully and genuinely without hesitation.


That being said, I wonder if this earth is tired of the aggression and is making a change toward peace. If so, could we be experiencing the increase in aggression and fragmentation occurring as a precursor to the squelching of aggression and fragmentation? Could we be on our way to a planet of peace? Concurrent, I wonder if the people are craving freedom from having their thoughts and beliefs controlled and are ready to express their unique Selves but are doing so through the very path of aggression that has held them in place? It is an example of the impossibility of “War for Peace” motto. Just a few larger thoughts offered only as a beginning!


May you each experience a week of peace and true freedom! I hope you include one hour each day where you stay in a place of gratitude and acceptance and in absence of any aggressive or angry thoughts or impressions.


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  1. Aggression seems a sidekick for some! Good subject!

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