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Successful Communication Begins With Self


Welcome to the new 30-Day challenge. This month is about how communication begins with you.


Week 1


How We Were Taught


Were you taught to communicate to please? See how you were taught to communicate with these four quick questions! Using a scale of 1 through 7 (where 1 is not at all, 4 is neutral and 7 is always) please rate the following questions.


• In my school years, it was important to me to have good grades and behaviors because I knew they were going to be addressed by my parents as either good enough or not acceptable.


• While living at home I had thoughts like “why can’t they see who I am? Or why do they see me like that? Or that’s not what I was thinking!”


• While living at home, I had fears of telling my parents about what was going on in my life because I was afraid they would either get angry at me or certainly not understand!


• I tend to watch the person across from me as I am speaking or responding to be sure they are comfortable with my communication.


A score of 4 through 11 means:
You may have been influenced to be aware of who you are and felt accepted in that. You tend to communicate openly regarding your interests, needs, and feelings. You are probably looking to gain even greater freedom in your style of sharing your self. Great for you!


A score of 12 through 21 means:
You were influenced away from who you are in truth and you bought into some of what they were telling you about who you are and who you needed to be. Yet, there appears to be a strength that kept you aware of your unique qualities and characteristics. You found people and places to express your Self and receive good response. You may have learned to communicate by reading others at some level. You may tend to follow rules and make sure you are doing and saying the right thing. You may get angry when defensive or when you feel misunderstood or embarrassed. You may feel resistance to being told what to do. You find your Self trying to be understood but falling short with those whose needs you cannot meet. You are ready to learn a new way!


A score of 22 through 28 means:
You struggled with how to communicate who you are to others. You learned to be fearful of the You struggled with how to communicate who you are to others. You learned to be fearful of the judgments and criticisms and the comments that may occur if you were different from anyone else around you. You may have had to fight hard to be accepted and to be pleasing. Your communication may be focused on pleasing others rather than expressing yourself. It’s time to give your Self an introduction to others!!


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