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Communication And Understanding Self


Welcome to the new 30-Day challenge. This month is about how communication begins with you.


Week 2


Understanding Self


Using a scale of 1 through 7 (where 1 is not at all, 4 is neutral and 7 is always) please rate the following questions.


• When I am hurt or angry I take the time to understand from where that emotion is coming. I don’t blame the other.


• I am aware of the experiences I want to happen this life. For example, I can answer the following types of questions on a regular basis. “Where would you like to go for dinner? What would you like to do this weekend? Do you know what you need to pack for vacation?”


• Rarely do others react to my words in ways that I did not intend.


• I am aware of patterns in my key relationships that are just like the key relationships I observed or experienced while growing up.


A score of 4 through 8 means:
You may still be defining yourself through others’ expectations of you. Therefore your communication style is by reading others and responding to their needs or expectations.


A score of 9 through 22 means:
You’re beginning to feel the difference between what others are putting upon you and what is truly you! Your communication is shifting away from what they want you to say to what you want to say about you and your needs.


A score of 23 through 28 means:
You have gained an understanding and acceptance of your self that allows you to stand in your truth well communicating. Your style of communicating will be much more about teaching others of you and less about telling others about them.


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