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Communicate By Listening And Observing


Welcome to the new 30-Day challenge. This month is about how communication begins with you.


Week 3


Listening To and Observing Self


Using a scale of 1 through 7 (where 1 is not at all, 4 is neutral and 7 is always) please rate the following questions.


• I listen to what I am saying to others, especially if I am angry or upset.


• I am not avoidant of others’ criticisms of me — constructive or otherwise.


• I do not take personally others’ remarks or behaviors.


• I am aware of my pet peeves in traffic and how it speaks to me about me.


A score of 4 through 8 means:
You may feel weary from judgments and misunderstandings. You may still be attached to how the world sees you. Your style of communicating may include trying to defend what you’re trying to say about you and yet never feeling heard or understood.


A score of 9 through 22 means:
You’re beginning to see your self as separate and see communication has not always going against who you are. Your style of communicating may include a hesitant or simple expression of self to those with whom you feel safe. You’re still slow to trust everyone with your spontaneous thoughts and dreams.


A score of 23 through 28 means:
You’re able to be in an observing stance so communication is about you and others distinctly. Your style of communication is an absence of most offensiveness and does not create defensiveness and others. Your style is spontaneous and centered on teaching others about you and asking others about them.


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