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Healing Oklahoma

I write this for the family, friends, and others who suffer as a result of the Oklahoma tornado, the latest tragedy. May you all find a way to heal from the loss, the trauma, and the suffering. May you find life and know that all those who crossed over as a result of this tragedy are in a warm, accepting new beginning. They are not suffering. It is those of you left behind who feel the suffering and the pain of the loss and the tragedy. I feel the agony of the helplessness even from afar.


As I sat at dinner last night seeing my first bit of news, I was emotionally devastated by the suffering and loss of the people of Oklahoma. Another tragedy! I couldn’t believe it. Everyone in the restaurant was talking with one another: strangers, friends, family, all one. None of us could grasp the meaning of all this tragedy. We all hurt for the victims. People were questioning the meaning of life, questioning purpose. Slowly, the conversations shifted from the pain of the victims, and the victims’ family and friends to their own fears. Then people were no longer talking as a whole but had split into their own groups again. Most talking about the fear of the natural disasters being on the increase and wondering how bad hurricane season will be this year.


What could possibly be the silver lining in such a dark series of natural (and not so natural) disasters!? We all unite, at least initially. It is at the core of us all to unite to help. To stand as one when something has gone against us. Maybe we are being asked to stand as one always. To not allow our fear to fragment us yet again.


Donations may be made online at or by mail to: United Way of Central Oklahoma, P.O. Box 837, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 with notation for May Tornado Relief.


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