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How does greed affect your life?

Do you find your Self being angry or hurt by others who are displaying greed? Do you find your Self having difficulty be grateful for those people who service you and/or receive payment from you?  Do you feel entitled to the business or gift or money?  Whether you are bothered by greed or find your Self feeling greed it is a challenge within you that is having an affect on this life experience.  You may have a hidden wish that you could be greedy without having to feel bad for wanting.  You may have a fear that if you do not keep or take something that you will lose it or feel a sense of destruction by not having.  There are many other experiences that lead to greed as a behavior or perception.  One thing for sure is that where there is greed there is a stopping of passing things forward.  Too much taking empties the pot of gold.  It is in the giving that the pot stays full.  What do you feel inside when you think of giving ….


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