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Honor The Gift of Unity Their Lives Gave to Us

Today we honor the heroes and lives lost. How do we honor the loss? Can we allow the freeing of the souls and the event? Can we ask ourselves what was the gift they gave us by sacrificing themselves? If you remember, the day of and for several days after the horrific loss, we were a united nation. We were one. Strangers did not exist. Then, it started, the media kept filling us with fear and slowly we turned our focus to the fear of the murderers rather than unifying through the sacrificed Americans. Slowly we became a people who only stood in sorrow and pain as we looked at all of the lives lost. Sometimes it feels no different from staring at the car accident. What happened to the gift of unity and harmony that was shown us by all who sacrificed their lives for us? I ask you today to feel what it would be like to stand in unity and harmony with your neighbor as you did on this day 11 years ago. Crying with the stranger next to you – it doesn’t matter who they were, they were there for you and you were there for them. That’s what this could be about for each of us. It is then that their lives will live on as a representation of our country and it’s people.

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