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Women Workshops and Seminars

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Women Workshop Series

Women Who Dare to Dream

This stimulating workshop series focuses on the various aspects of being a woman, her uniqueness, and her voice. It culminates in a Retreat that allows women to be in an "incubator" environment where they will define women as women "without any influence" from history, culture, society, language, etc. The retreat is not a mandatory component, it just sets the stage to understand the foundation for each workshop in the series. Any and all of the workshops can be re-done anywhere and at any scheduled time.

As a teacher, communication expert and life guide, Kristen uses The Sage’s Template™, interactions, and more to open each woman to her inner most definition and experience of being a woman. The series includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Creating Your Vision Creating Your Dream
  • Unleashing Your Power as a Woman
  • Removing the Blocks to Your Dreams/Goals
  • Remove the external and internal influences that are blocks to your dreams
  • Magik in a Box
  • The Strength of a Woman's Voice
  • Embracing Your Female Lineage: A Mother & Daughter Experience
  • From Shame to Freedom: A Woman’s Sexual Journey
  • The Graceful Power of a Woman
  • Freedom beyond Labels and Roles: A Woman’s Relationship
  • RETREAT: A Woman’s Honor: Women Defining Women

Any of the workshops can be personalized for your business or group. Please contact Kristen for a consult at or 561-212-7575.

Past Seminars/Workshops

These workshops will be offered again in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to get advanced VIP notice for future workshops. All past workshops can be customized to meet your corporate or group needs. We thank you for you interest.

December 10, 2018 : Moving Beyond Holiday Anxiety

Holiday time can bring about a great deal of unwanted anxiety and depression. Learn what you can do to identify the differences between the two, as well as overcome the challenges holidays can bring with it.

Seminar Details

March 20, 2018 : Night of New Beginnings

Share and Generate awareness of sexual abuse and harassment and inequities.

Seminar Details

Current Seminars/Workshops

Our currently active workshops are open for enrollment. Please let us know if there are any questions or personal requests.

No workshops to be shown.

Future Seminars/Workshops

We are always looking to create workshops that fulfill your goals and dreams.
Please contact us at to suggest topics.

March 20, 2018 : Night of New Beginnings

Share and Generate awareness of sexual abuse and harassment and inequities.

Seminar Details


Kristen has been working with those in recovery since 1983. Clients working with Kristen on their recovery will use The SAGE’s Template™ and 12 steps to:

Communication -  Learn to break down the barriers of communication in both your personal and professional life

Health & Wellness - Gain an understanding of how to create your harmonious life both personally and professionally

Leadership - Gracefully lead your team to be more successful in the workplace

LGBTQ - Move past the subtle influences and the stigma of society and free your Self  and expression

Life Balance - Learn to live beyond stress in both your personal and professional world while gaining happiness in your life

Mental Health - Learn to heal from your past life-altering experiences whether from family abuse, bullying or substance abuse and to transition into a place where you gain happiness and confidence

Sports -  Learn to release the aggression into your sport rather than into life and relationships. Build team dynamics that peaks performance. Optimize performance by harnessing competitive energy into power and skill

Women - Identify the roles women play, the history that defines them and how society views them. Then begin defining your Self as a woman without any influences!

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