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Kristen has a unique niche for the executive, owner, or partners who want more out of life and career. As the creator of The Sage's Template™, she utilizes it to create a unique program focused on your goals. As the creator, Kristen uses The Sage's Template™ to develop the professional in terms of self, communication and interpersonal relatedness or team development. It is through communication that all corporate interactions, decisions, production, and growth occur. Kristen teaches individuals to open to a greater fulfillment in her or his executive position and/or as a team player. Kristen also helps define and develop the culture within which the people work – whether that is for the chief executives or the teams on the line.

Executive/Entrepreneur Development

Kristen’s unique niche in working with Executives and Entrepreneurs is how she works with the person behind the role. Everyone is unique in the way they perceive and perform as a leader. Kristen’s teachings complement many of the great business schools’ teachings as she helps the executive or entrepreneur assimilate and accommodate the general instruction or innovation.

  • Creating powerful and exemplary team, board, and customer experiences
  • Communication and dynamics in family business
  • Spouse programs: living and working together
  • Business-Partnership Enrichment
  • Authenticity development
  • Life after Work: Transitioning from successful professional role to successful personal life
  • Developing spiritual and values-centered renewal in executive leadership staff
  • Communication development
  • Understanding how personal decisions affect organizational capability, execution, and innovation
  • Implementing strategies for balance in life and career


True leaders create leaders. It is an authentic presence of the individual who has vision and belief in the importance of the company, its culture and its people. They are courageous and without ego in their intent. Kristen enjoys working with people who are and can be leaders as well as working to create a culture of leaders in the workplace.

  • Create culture of leadership
  • Leadership without ego
  • Create visions: personal and business
  • Develop inspiration to create positive organizational change
  • Develop ownership mentality of change
  • Loyalty and service in leadership
  • Develop a culture of leadership to develop greater teams

Mentor Consulting

Mentoring in the workplace can instill a culture of teamwork. It can develop your employees’ communication through a structured but informal system of pairing the knowledgeable with the learning, the experienced with the novice. It is a way to maintain culture simply and consistently.

  • Defining the mentor and mentored
  • Mentor v Coach
  • Mentoring and balance
  • Defining the mentoring experience
  • Assessing the mentoring experience

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Alcoholism and substance abuse can destroy the individual employee, the team environment and the overall culture. Kristen believes that educating on the signs and symptoms of abuse is critical to a healthy work environment. Prevention and preventive measures can further a team environment in a healthy corporate culture.

In addition to the above, Women Professionals may:

  • Define and develop their unique identity, power and leadership gifts
  • Identify and master their unique challenges in the workplace and life
  • Learn to balance life

Team Building

  • Developing talent and deepening personal relationships and internal cohesion and effectiveness
  • Cultivate conflict-management skills
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Brand of the team and its individuals
  • Development of increased self-awareness, honest self-knowledge, about one's motives, personality capacities and values.

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