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Completing personal projects, setting goals and making transitions in your life can often be thwarted by blocks or uncertain curves in your path. Kristen Bomas is a Life Guide who employs motivational coaching, psychology, as well as life mastery teaching and guidance, to empower people to master their own life and create their own destiny. With Kristen's coaching and guidance for personal development and life mastery you will begin to see life's truths, communicate openly and live freely. This area of teaching offers a look at who you are while teaching you to balance all areas of your life. Kristen created The Sage's Template™, to help individuals navigate life's obstacles and develop their sense of self, personally and professionally. With her guidance you will set and define your ideal experience for this life or career and see your plans through to success. Remember this can be offered in any modality.

Individual's Sessions

This is the most in-depth form of Guidance or Coaching offered by Kristen Bomas. Working one-to-one with Kristen, the client will learn how to employ The Sage's Template™ to

  • Find freedom, happiness and fulfillment
  • Explore their present-life challenges at their own rate
  • Master their challenges
  • Define their purpose in this life
  • Identify their blocks to freedom and success
  • Read life's messages
  • Learn to permanently embrace life's challenges as opportunities

Couple's Sessions

This is an opportunity for partners and couples to explore the hidden or lost adventure of what they share and to develop a method of communicating that will take their relationship into the infinity of life’s experiences (so they can experience love forever). They will use The Sage's Template™ to:

  • Learn a style of teach-and-explore communication
  • Know the experience they wish to have in an ideal relationship
  • Re-ignite passion for each other
  • Express compassionately
  • Display and receive a true love and acceptance
  • Develop intimacy
  • Manifest their dreams

Parenting Consultations

Kristen believes the true healing of a child can come from the parents. Parents can learn to use The Sage's Template™ to:

  • Access the healing within
  • Learn the perceptions of their child(ren)
  • Develop their style of interacting and guiding their child(ren)
  • Develop a way of defining patterns that reinforce undesirable behavior
  • Define core constituents of parenting

Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery Services

Kristen has been working with those in recovery since 1983. Clients working with Kristen on their recovery will use The SAGE’s Template™ and 12 steps to:

  • Solidify their recovery
  • Compliment their current program
  • Help transition from a structured treatment environment to an unstructured living environment
  • Master their life in recovery
  • Give purpose to their sober life
  • Find freedom from the abuse pattern

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