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LGBTQ Workshops and Seminars

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LGBTQ Workshop Series

No shame. Only honor.

It is an honor to be gay. Yet, the judgments and treatment of the LGBTQ and its community have created a tremendous amount of shame at the base of its people. That shame needs to be lifted. Freedom needs to be taken!

This series is an effort to open that door and begin that process, not just for the individuals, but for the communities across the nation and beyond. Using The Sage’s Template™ and more, the series will:

  • Look at the dream, voice and message of the individuals as well as community.
  • Open the truth within the individual and community.
  • Transcend the judgments, limitations, labels, and ignorance of other cultures, society, and/or people.
  • Heal the shame and open the gift of the LGBTQ person.
  • Illuminate the gift the LGBTQ community is to every person in every culture and to this earth as a whole.
  • Assess and go beyond the relationship that each individual had with his or her parents.
  • Transform the lineage.
  • Define parenting and the meaning of parents as LGBTQ parents.
  • Re-conceptualize partnership/marriage for the non-gay world to optimize acceptance and understanding. (It allows the families of the LGBTQ to understand how poorly they have conceptualized their partnerships: death of a partner).

There are many topics that can be addressed in the series. Kristen can customize a workshop to address a topic of your choice. Each workshop will build upon the overall existence of the LGBTQ person within his or her community.

Any of the workshops can be personalized for your business or group. Please contact Kristen for a consult at or 561-212-7575.

Past Seminars/Workshops

These workshops will be offered again in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to get advanced VIP notice for future workshops. All past workshops can be customized to meet your corporate or group needs. We thank you for you interest.

December 10, 2018 :