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Speak Your Truth Radio: The Ancient Healing Art of Numerology

Join me as I talk with Marcy Heller (Mystical Marcy) as we discuss numerology, the ancient healing arts and how time has lead us to pay close attention to the more simple ways of life.



Speak Your Truth Radio: Health, Wellness and You: How Diet Affects Your Life

Join me as I speak with health and wellness coach, Deborah Paiva, about spiritual growth and how the food you eat can affect your life.


Speak Your Truth Radio: Animals Speak! How Your Pet Can Guide You to Life’s Purpose

Listen in as I discuss animal communication with gifted pet psychic Jane Solomon. Join us as we reveal why communication with your pet can enhance your life, as well as your four legged family members.

Speak Your Truth Radio: Healing Your Spiritual Self Through Artistic Expression

Healing through artistic expression can be truly beneficial to move through the blocks holding you back in life. Listen, as I speak with Mary Delaney, a local artist who has overcome obstacles in her life by reflecting on her past and expressing herself through her paintings.


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Speak Your Truth Radio: Akashic Records, Life Mastery, and the Path to Enlightenment

The Akashic Records are a body of knowledge that records every thought, word, feeling and action of all beings that ever lived. There is no question too big or too small to gain entry into this divine, quantum field where all understanding is present.


Join me as I discuss life mastery and finding spirituality with Akashic Records reader, Kelly S. Jones.



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Speak Your Truth Radio: Nutrition and Spirituality

In this podcast I discuss healing through nutrition with Dr. Bill Longstreth, licensed nutritionist and chiropractor, and why balancing body, mind, and spirit is crucial.



You can learn more by reading Bill’s Blog at

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