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A Thought for This New Year

The holidays have past. It was a time of life that asked us to create and to look at love and acceptance of self and other. How did you step into this “New Year”: with or without goals for your Self? Are those goals being worked? Do you ever wonder why the goals you set at this time of year slowly slip away and/or disappear?

December 21st was the Winter Equinox: the birthing of longer days, growing light. An opportunity to acknowledge and ignite the spiritual aspects of our lives. It is a time to create! It is a time to look within ourselves to find that Self of innocence and truth. It is a time to begin nurturing our Self so that we may begin to love our Self and our life as it was gifted to us. It is a time to manifest, create, birth the new dream for our life. Where are you showing your Self unconditional love and acceptance in place of judgement, expectation, and absence of belief? If you cannot offer that to your Self then how do you know if the goals you have set were truly part of your dream, or coming from that place of loving your Self? For example, if a goal of yours is to lose weight, are you loving your body and feeling acceptance of it or are you judging it, resisting it, and wanting it “gone”? Be clear from where Your goals came.


May you find that Light that guides you into living rather than surviving or suffering,



Conscious Healing

There is a group consciousness.


To pray for the families is to stay in the consciousness of healing — healing all who were involved.


To get caught in your anger is to perpetuate anger. Many are focused on their outrage at the criminal, which means we inadvertently ignore the victims. We cannot express rage at the criminal and at the same time, attend to our prayers for the victims. Let’s create change!


Stay focused on your prayers and love for the victims and their families and let’s see if we can transcend the anger and rage that is in the group consciousness.


How does greed affect your life?

Do you find your Self being angry or hurt by others who are displaying greed? Do you find your Self having difficulty be grateful for those people who service you and/or receive payment from you?  Do you feel entitled to the business or gift or money?  Whether you are bothered by greed or find your Self feeling greed it is a challenge within you that is having an affect on this life experience.  You may have a hidden wish that you could be greedy without having to feel bad for wanting.  You may have a fear that if you do not keep or take something that you will lose it or feel a sense of destruction by not having.  There are many other experiences that lead to greed as a behavior or perception.  One thing for sure is that where there is greed there is a stopping of passing things forward.  Too much taking empties the pot of gold.  It is in the giving that the pot stays full.  What do you feel inside when you think of giving ….


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Honor The Gift of Unity Their Lives Gave to Us

Today we honor the heroes and lives lost. How do we honor the loss? Can we allow the freeing of the souls and the event? Can we ask ourselves what was the gift they gave us by sacrificing themselves? If you remember, the day of and for several days after the horrific loss, we were a united nation. We were one. Strangers did not exist. Then, it started, the media kept filling us with fear and slowly we turned our focus to the fear of the murderers rather than unifying through the sacrificed Americans. Slowly we became a people who only stood in sorrow and pain as we looked at all of the lives lost. Sometimes it feels no different from staring at the car accident. What happened to the gift of unity and harmony that was shown us by all who sacrificed their lives for us? I ask you today to feel what it would be like to stand in unity and harmony with your neighbor as you did on this day 11 years ago. Crying with the stranger next to you – it doesn’t matter who they were, they were there for you and you were there for them. That’s what this could be about for each of us. It is then that their lives will live on as a representation of our country and it’s people.

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